Study: Vaccine Induced Inflammation Cause of Obesity Epidemic – Not Diet

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Dr. J. Bart Classen has published a study claiming that the evidence for the overwhelming problem of childhood obesity is not diet, but “vaccine induced inflammation.”
The paper reviews the growing evidence that many cases of obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome are inflammatory conditions and that vaccine induced inflammation is the cause of the epidemic of these diseases.

Are Soy Formulas Affecting Hormones in Infants?

Adorable baby boy playing on a blue floor mat and drinking milk from a bottle in a white sunny nursery with rocking chair and bassinet. Bedroom interior with infant crib. Formula drink for infant.
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When it comes to food, it’s best to ignore the promotional industry hype and dietary propaganda based on bad or checkbook science. Question all of it and look for information from those who don’t benefit from your consumption of whatever is promoted. Then decide what goes into your child’s body and yours.

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Gratitude — The Hidden Key to Health and Happiness

I recently finished reading “The Little Book of Gratitude,” by Robert Emmons. It’s a great book that I highly recommend if you need some inspiration. In it, he states, “We did not create or fashion ourselves, and we did not get to where we are in life by ourselves. So, living in gratitude is living in truth. It is the most accurate and honest approach to life.”

Is Trimethylglycine (TMG) the New Super Nutrient?

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TMG has recently been used for improving conditions like ulcers, arthritis, leaky gut syndrome, diabetes, kidney and heart failure, neurobehavioral disorders, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, and even certain cancers. It is useful for slowing the aging process, inducing better sleep, calming nerves, and improving digestion and immunity.

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Why You Risk Your Life Every Time You Elect Surgery and Anesthesia

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Today, the use of anesthesiology is still commonly regarded as a high risk activity, and it can result in life-altering injuries. To this day, there is no qualified doctor or scientist who has ever been able to scientifically demonstrate or explain the root physiological effects of anesthesia.

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Human Genetic Engineering Begins

genetic engineering
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 "... are we going to just watch, slack-jawed, the double-time march to Brave New World unfold before our eyes? Or are we going to engage democratic deliberation to determine if this should be done, and if so, what the parameters are?"
"Considering recent history, I fear I know the answer. And no: I don’t trust “The Scientists” to regulate themselves."

Biomedical Research Studies Show Evidence of HPV Vaccine Causing Cancer

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At best, one could say that the science is unsettled.  However, CDC’s own study showed no net change in HPV infection rate, and studies now from the US, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands all support the same conclusions: there is evidence for grave concern over the adequacy of HPV vaccines: while the vaccine-targeted types are cleared, the hundred or so that can replace them across the sexually active population includes pathogenic types that may be more lethal than those targeted by the vaccines.

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