80-Year Study Shows Happiness Is The Driving Force In Our Health

'How people describe both positive and negative events in their lives influences their perception of their own life. When scientists began tracking the health of 268 Harvard sophomores in 1938 during the Great Depression, they hoped the longitudinal study would reveal clues to leading healthy and happy lives. They got more than they wanted.'


6 Hormone Balancing Powers Of Red Clover

6 Hormone Balancing Powers Of Red Clover
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'The problem is hormones run amuck.

The ancient Celts had a natural solution - red clover (Trifolium pretense). They considered red clover magical and sacred. It wasn’t just superstition.

Modern research explains why this folk remedy is so effective in helping women at midlife. Red clover contains gentle hormone-balancing plant compounds called isoflavones. These natural chemicals weakly attach to estrogen receptors in the body’s tissues. And they mimic the effects of estrogen.

Isoflavones are also adaptogenic. They sense what the body needs, and adapt their response.'



Top 5 Reasons Cheese, Bread And Wine Are Health Foods
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'What if I told you that cheese is a health food? What if I told you if you want to get healthy you can skip the kale smoothies, protein powders and salads — and instead just load up on traditional foods like cheese, butter, lard, sourdough bread, and gravy?'


The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series - Episode 1

Depression is a disease of civilization: Stephen Ilardi at TEDxEmory

Depression Is Now No. 1 Cause of Illness and Disability Worldwide

'According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is now the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide affecting an estimated 322 million people worldwide, including more than 16 million Americans. Globally, rates of depression increased by 18 percent between 2005 and 2015.

According to the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health, 11 percent of Americans over the age of 12 are on antidepressant drugs. Among women in their 40 and 50s, 1 in 4 is on antidepressants'


You Think Forced Vaccinations Don't Apply to You? Check This Out


The older your are, the more vulnerable to some level of vaccine damage, from diminished immunity to sudden premature death. That's what happened to five retirement home residents near Atlanta who were forced to take flu vaccinations. Folks - this is scary medical tyranny in the makes!

Dr. Suzzane Humpries on Gardasil

There is no middle ground with this doctor's viewpoint on vaccines.

Profitable Opioid Painkillers and Synthetic Pot Patents: Big Pharma’s Motivation to Keep Marijuana Illegal

photo source: thesocialweed.com [Opioids vs Weed]

Last year’s November elections included several state ballots to either introduce medical marijuana or expand beyond permissible medical applications and allow “recreational” use for adults.  Former marijuana resistant states Florida, North Dakota, Arkansas, and Montana passed medical cannabis measures by popular vote.

States that had medical marijuana allowances already in place, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine approved adult recreational marijuana.  But the biggest surprise for many was Arizona voters’ rejection of an adult recreational use measure, Proposition 205. Arizona was the only state that refused to advance from its current cannabis status at the polls.

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Autism Symptoms in Pets Rise as Pet Vaccination Rates Rise

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'Adverse Reactions to Vaccines in Dogs

From paralysis to seizures, and from immune-mediated hemolytic anemia to injection-site fibrosarcomas, adverse reactions to vaccination are not uncommon in pets. Often attributable to annual vaccinations that some veterinarians consider totally unnecessary, vaccine reactions also may lead to allergies, skin problems, behavioral changes, and autoimmune diseases.'


Ginger: 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (Taxol) In Cancer Research Model

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'A [2015] study reveals ginger contains a pungent compound that could be up to 10,000 times more effective than conventional chemotherapy in targeting the cancer stem cells at the root of cancer malignancy.

A [2015] study published in PLoS reveals a pungent component within ginger known as 6-shogaol is superior to conventional chemotherapy in targeting the root cause of breast cancer malignancy: namely, the breast cancer stem cells.'