Maca Is Good for More Than Your Mojo

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'Maca is an "adaptogen," which describes a natural substance that helps your body deal with such stressors as alarm clocks, traffic jams and illness, among others.19

An animal study reported that maca extracts given over 28 weeks appeared to preserve bone mineral density compared to placebos, increase femur diameter and calcium content more than control agents and normalize bone mineral density.20Paraphrasing a Chinese study, the Maca Team21 noted:

"Dietary supplementation with [m]aca may have potential effects on prevention of postmenopausal lipid abnormality and bone metabolism via a different mechanism from estrogen."22

Studies also indicate that maca may make you feel more energized and alert for a day at the office or before playing sports, with the added benefits of quick results after taking it, and no nervous "jitters" such as you might experience after drinking coffee. Muscle Health Fitness notes that workout performance may be improved.'


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