Big Pharma Failing Diabetics: Diabetes Can Be Prevented, Controlled, and Reversed Naturally

Diabetes complications affected organs. Diabetes affects nerves kidneys eyes vessels heart brain and skin. Round info graphic. 

Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz exclaimed on national TV not long ago:
"Alarm bells are ringing. The CDC estimates that one third of all Americans will develop diabetes and will live 15 years less and lose quality of life. No public health problem compares in scale."
Some considered Dr. Oz’s public statement fear mongering. One health journalist claimed mainstream medicine had diabetes all under control prescribing insulin.

It can be confusing. At first one may wonder where are all the diabetics who have to inject insulin? That’s the notion most of us have had, but the epidemic is surging among those who are not diabetic type 1. It’s happening as diabetes type 2.

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