What if I Told You Carrots Cure Cancer?

'Ann Cameron, an author of 15 children's books, cured her Stage 4 cancer with carrot juice only. She states, "I believe from personal experience that carrots can cure cancer - and rapidly, without chemotherapy, radiation, or other dietary changes."

On June 6, 2012, Ann had surgery for Stage 3 colon cancer. She had decided against chemotherapy and actually started feeling better, until about November 6, 2012.

A routine follow-up CT scan indicated lung cancer. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer which had metastasized to the lungs. Her doctor predicted a two to three year life expectancy.'


Eagles Band Leader Glenn Frey’s Death: Another Iatrogenic Incident?

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'In case you’re not familiar with the word iatrogenic, it means health worsened or death caused by medical interventions and pharmaceutical drugs. Sure, it could apply to non-mainstream medicine.

But alternative or holistic practitioners are more aware of the Hippocratic oath and the “first do no harm” principle than their allopathic cousins who do what the FDA/Big Pharma complex demands.

In case you’re not familiar with the Eagles or its leader Glenn Frey, they created the 1970s “California sound” with songs like “Hotel California”, which is an actual unusual hotel with unusual tenants in the Baja Region of Mexico, and my favorite “The Last Resort”.'

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9 Guiding Intentions That Will Transform You and Everybody Around You

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'Intention is everything. What you experience daily in your life--how you act, what you speak and how you feel affects every human being around you. Once you realize the domino effect created by shining your light on others, it becomes very contagious.'


Turmeric Curcumin Reprogramming Cancer Cell Death

Flame Retardants - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You!


"According to the Chicago Tribune in an influential investigation of flame retardants and the chemical industry cover-up of their hazards published in May 2012, "the chemical industry has manipulated scientific findings to promote the widespread use of flame retardants and downplay the health risks . . . The industry has twisted research results, ignored findings that run counter to its aims and passed off biased, industry-funded reports as rigorous science.

As a result, the chemical industry successfully distorted the basic knowledge about toxic chemicals that are used in consumer products and linked to serious health problems, including cancer, developmental problems, neurological deficits and impaired fertility. Industry has disseminated misleading research findings so frequently that they essentially have been adopted as fact. They have been cited by consultants, think tanks, regulators and Wikipedia, and have shaped the worldwide debate about the safety of flame retardants."


The Zika Virus Threat – Another Hoax?

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'Disregard the media hysteria over mosquitoes carrying a virus that causes pregnant woman to have deformed children. It’s not merely an over reaction; it’s a prefabrication. Be patient, read on..'

'In the case of Zika, as I wrote in a recent piece, Brazilian researchers have just gone off the reservation and decided to revisit their own original findings. So far, they’ve only been able to confirm six cases of microcephaly (small heads, brain impairment) where the Zika virus is present. Six. The whole thing is turning out to be ridiculous.' -Jon Rappoport


What they won't tell you: The sun is a full-spectrum medicine that can heal cancer

Original photo showing patient exposing his back to the Sun. Dr Rollier can be seen in the centre of the photo. — at Leysin, Switzerland.

"Those that have attempted to convince the world that the Sun, the Earth's primary source of energy and life causes cancer, have done so with malicious intent to deceive the masses into retreating from the one thing that can prevent disease." -- Dave Mihalovic, Naturopathic Doctor
and writer.


A 65 Year Old Woman with Cancer Trips Out on Shrooms in a Lab –What Happens Next is Unbelievable

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'Many people also ask, “Aren’t drug companies interested in psychedelic medicine?” The answer, unfortunately, is no. Psychedelic medicines have been around so long that they are no longer patentable, and they work after one or sometimes two treatments.

There is no money to be made with a non-patentable drug that is given only once or twice in a lifetime. Typical drug treatments are given daily, sometimes two or more times a day, and for many medical conditions the treatment can last years, or even a lifetime.'



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'While I was writing my first book in 1987, AIDS INC., I spoke with a media rep at the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). After a bit of wrangling, he told me what I wanted to know: the CDC sends certain people to Langley for CIA training, and when they come back they have advanced security clearances.

This melded nicely with what I was learning about the CDC’s little-known Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). Right off the top, I can tell you they create disinformation on a scale that must make the CIA jealous.'


7 Healthy Reasons To Eat More Garlic Every Day

7 Healthy Reasons To Eat More Garlic Every Day
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'Whether you love garlic or can't stand the stink, there is no denying that this bulb provides a treasure trove of healthy benefits.

Garlic (Allium sativum) has been called the "stinking rose." While some people think it reeks, others can't get enough of its bite. Whether you love garlic or can't stand it, there is no denying that this bulb provides a wealth of healthy benefits.'


These are the four horsemen of the health apocalypse

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'A dark plague of bad health has crept across the land, operating largely in shadow for generations and set upon us by an evil master whose footsteps have fouled the earth for as long as man has walked upon it. 

Led by four evil horsemen who have been corrupted and enslaved by the master, the plague has cast its shadowy tentacles from sea to sea through towns and cities large and small, sparing no one.' 


As Prescribed

"As Prescribed", a documentary about people disabled by benzodiazepine drug prescriptions (Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Halcion).. Here is the trailer for it.. First of it's kind in the United States.. Donations are still needed to finish this film.. Goto and Like As Prescribed (producers of the film) where you can make a donation to help get our voices heard.. The website for the movie is here..http://www.asprescribedfilm.com/

The Thymus Gland Provides Crucial Immunity

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'The body's immune system is always working at some level, and as time goes on, scientists continue to discover just how crucial its role can be.

Just last month, the Perelman School of Medicine in Pennsylvania released a study noting that recurrence of HER2-positive breast cancer may be due to an immune system weakness brought about by the cancer. 

While the researchers suggest a vaccine targeting HER2, we believe the body is fully equipped to not just meet, but exceed this challenge via the thymus gland. '


Essential Oils and the Transition from Life to Afterlife

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One of the most egregious ways that modern medicine has gone astray is in its firm establishment of the idea that disease is simply a functional, or organic, disturbance or defect. Thus, people have been led away from an awareness of the inner relationship to, and meaning of, illness.  


Government Continues to Pay Damages for Injuries and Deaths Due to the Flu Vaccine in Vaccine Court

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'While seldom, if ever, reported in the mainstream media, every week cases of vaccine injuries and deaths are litigated in the U.S. vaccine court known as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).

This program was started as a result of a law passed in 1986 that gave pharmaceutical companies total legal immunity from being sued due to injuries and deaths resulting from vaccines. 

If you or a family member is injured or dies from vaccines, you must now sue the Federal Government in this special vaccine court. Many cases are litigated for years before a settlement is reached, and most of the public does not even know that this program exists.'


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'BLUE ZONES WEIGHT LOSS TRICK - In most Blue Zones, people eat little or no dinner and get all of their eating into an 8 hour window (leaving 16 hours to burn fat). Here's new research showing that just eating a later breakfast and and earlier dinner can help shed weight.'


When Will Medicinal ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Be Legalized?

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'Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms, is proving a prodigious treatment for anxiety, depression, addiction, and one study even found it may lead to neurogenesis, or the regrowth of brain cells. So when will doctors finally be able to write prescriptions for psilocybin? 

 In this opinion piece Dr. David E. Nichols, psychedelic research expert and co-founder of The Heffter Research Institute, explains what steps it will take to get medicinal psilocybin legalized.'


Edible film from essential oils protects foods better than plastic

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'The best food preservatives may actually be all-natural essential oils made into edible film. Recent research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that an edible film coated in the essential oils of clove and oregano kept bread fresher for longer than conventional plastic combined with a food preservative known as calcium propionate.'

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'Fibromyalgia is one of the most difficult ailments to diagnose simply because it’s often recognized as musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, mood swings, and or memory loss.

Since this is such an extremely hard disease to diagnose, many people go months or even years in suffering from this terrible illness.'