Video Transcript: Why I’d Nebulize Colloidal Silver to Treat Lung Cancer


Lung Cancer

Ty Bollinger: Doctor comes to you and says, “Robert Scott Bell, your last blood work shows that you have lung cancer.” What do you do?

Dr. Robert Scott Bell: Well, I’m going to nebulize [colloidal] silver. Silver has shown to have profound oncolytic properties. This is something we can do.


Colloidal Silver and Cancer

Recent clinical research utilizing silver nanoparticles against cancer cells has demonstrated that there just might be something to the myriad of anecdotal stories for silver’s oft-claimed but as yet unproven cancer-fighting properties…

Here’s some potentially good news for cancer patients.

Two recent clinical studies have looked at the idea of using silver nanoparticles as a method to shrink cancer tumors.


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