War on Health

'Food and medicine go hand in hand, because what we put into our bodies directly impact our health. This documentary exposes the corruption of the FDA. 

They are funded by pharmaceutical companies, to pass off drugs as "safe", not even requiring proper testing or verification of the safety. This sadly includes vaccines. 

They also go even further, by covering up injuries, deaths, and potential risks of these drugs, as well! If you thought the "Vaxxed" documentary went ham on the CDC; this documentary shows no mercy towards exposing the FDA.

Meanwhile, they also explain how the FDA is relentlessly trying to shutdown safer alternatives, such as: Dietary Supplements, Raw/Organic foods, Holistic practitioners who've successfully found cures to different illnesses, and violating the 1st Amendment by encoring the benefits of alternative medicine. Why? To eliminate competition, and help promote the pharmaceutical drugs they profit from.

This documentary is worth watching and sharing. It is disturbing how they are allowed to get away with these (literal) crimes.'

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