The Importance of CoQ10 for Heart Health and Much More

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'In an earlier Health Impact News article, it was pointed out how statin drugs cut back on the body's ability to produce an important co-enzyme called CoQ10. One of CoQ10's important health features, among others, is that it's vital for good heart health.

Ironically, statin drugs prescribed for protecting cardiovascular health hamper this heart health co-enzyme production, and worse, it affects other areas of health. This could explain the other adverse side effects of statin drugs, such as fatigue, lowered immunity, and aching joints, muscles, and tendons.'


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2 large clinical trials show reduction in cardiovascular mortality by 43% and 54% respectively. Supplement providers give testament to ubiquinone's powerful cardioprotective effect. Is it the new biological treatment - the future of cardiology combined with conventional therapy?