Are Homeopathic Vaccines a Good Alternative to Shots?

Are Homeopathic Vaccines a Good Alternative to Shots? - Holistic Squid:

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'Have you heard about homeopathic vaccines called nosodes? There’s a lot of talk about this alternative to traditional vaccinations in the holistic community and beyond.

Many folks warn against using nosodes because they don’t believe they will be effective, essentially putting the users at more risk by assuming they are out of harm’s way. Yet others opt to use them because they simply don’t trust the conventional vaccines and believe that homeopathy provides a more sound option in protecting against disease.

Let’s take a look and see if homeopathic vaccines are something worth considering…'


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'The very first vaccine was for smallpox. It turned out to be a disaster, increasing the death rates and incidence of smallpox, while causing numerous serious side effects.

Likewise, the polio vaccine is widely credited for eliminating polio in this country, while in reality, the polio vaccine caused an increase in polio rates, which was hidden from the public by a redefinition of the polio disease. [1]

The number of vaccines, with the health damage and deaths they cause, continues to grow.

Many of those opposed to vaccines are not opposed to the idea of preventing disease through vaccination, but want vaccines that are both safe and effective. The pharmaceutical companies have been unable to provide a single safe and effective vaccine.

Few people are aware of the fact that safe vaccines do exist. Homeopathic vaccinations have been proven to be safe, effective and inexpensive.'


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