5 Ways to Support a Healthy Stress Response During the Holidays*

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'Every year it seems the holiday decorations come out a little earlier, and so do the invitations, obligations—and normal stress that accompanies them.* The holidays are a time to be with loved ones, to celebrate and share. While the added activity will inevitably bring with it day-to-day stress, there are some ways to help support a healthy response to it.*'


The Vitamin Deficiency That is Written All Over Your Face

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'Some vitamin deficiencies are easier to identify than others with one in particular making a person much more prone to wrinkles and deep lines. Here's the research in a nutshell.

In 2011, researchers presented findings at a meeting of the Endocrine Society in Boston that revealed that women in their 40’s and 50’s who have extensive skin wrinkling are much more likely than their peers to have low bone mass'


WHO, CDC, and Media Maintain Vaccine Danger Denial

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'Carl Bernstein, one of the journalists of Watergate fame, once cautioned in a TV interview that what isn’t printed in the news is worse than inaccurate reporting. Not only is important data omitted, the omissions are unnoticed by almost everyone.'


This Is Not ‘New Age’ BullSh**’ – The Real Effects That ‘Earthing’ Can Have On Your Body

'Grounding, or ‘earthing,’ as some people call it, involves placing your feet directly on the ground without shoes or socks as a barrier. The logic behind this practice relates to the intense negative charge carried by the Earth. This charge is electron-rich, theoretically serving as a good supply of antioxidants and free-radical destroying electrons.'


Just One Daily Dose of Walnuts Does All Of This

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'In addition to a valuable source of nutrients including omega-3 fats, copper, manganese and many others, walnuts have incredible health benefits including prevention of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and even diabetes.'



"... dates are actually very good to eat. They are delicious and nutritious. “Apart from the delightful flavor, they are incredibly healthy and confer a huge amount of health benefits on your body. They are a rich source of healthy fiber, minerals and vitamins and can help relieve painful constipation, diarrhea and other intestinal complaints.” (Health Focus)

And this autumn is date season!'


5 Tips to Feel Great After Thanksgiving Dinner

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'It’s almost Thanksgiving! Here are a couple of great tips to make sure you feel energetic and vibrant after all that Thanksgiving food.
Tip One: Eat When the Fire is Hot

One of the nice things about a Thanksgiving meal is that it is typically in the early afternoon, when the digestive fire burns hottest!

According to Ayurveda, the digestion is the strongest in the afternoon and the best time to be filling the tank to capacity. So try not to have that big turkey dinner at night when the cooks have gone home and your digestive fire is the weakest.'


Thanksgiving with the Health Ranger: food warnings, stuffing your 'fat ass' with turkey and dealing with substance-addicted relatives (satire)

'As America celebrates Thanksgiving this year, I've posted four hilarious audio recordings that somehow claim to offer useful information that might help you survive the festivities.

These totally uncensored, offensive, inappropriate and politically incorrect audio podcasts are offered as hilarious satire with my comedy improve character voices including "Grandpa Joe," "Aunt Bessie" and Dave the meth head.'


Is This The Common Denominator Of All Disease?

Pigeonholing Diseases
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'A recent series presented via GreenMedInfo, "The Truth About Cancer" could have been more accurately titled, "The Truth about All Disease." The elements of cancer protocols: nutrient/mineral correction, detoxification, helpful supplements, various energy therapies and lifestyle choices, really apply to healing all chronic disease. The idea of personal empowerment applies to all disease as well.'


Native American Teen-age Girl Medically Kidnapped by State of Missouri

Rosemary KaSandra
KaSandra Dalton. Photo courtesy Dalton family

'How does a teenager being held against her will by a man turn into her being taken from her parents by Child Protective Services and being held against her will in a group home? 

How can a system allegedly allow such a man to make false reports to the police about the parents, and he is the one who goes free, while her parents watch in horror as police and CPS kidnap their daughter from them hours after they rescue her from her assailant? Stranger things have happened; after all, this is the town next to Ferguson, Missouri.'


Apple pecan cornbread stuffing (can be made gluten-free)

holiday food
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'Here is a new twist on a holiday favorite that you simply have to try! It calls for adding tasty and healthy ingredients such as apples and pecans to traditional cornbread stuffing, and results in a taste that will have dinner guests asking for seconds.


Are you getting enough sleep to keep infection and cancer away?

'Statistics say Americans don’t get enough sleep to stay healthy, with only about one in four getting a full 8 hours of sleep. Yet research shows that a person’s sleep amount is a great predictor of health outcome. Humans with shorter sleep times have been shown to be more susceptible to viruses, bacterial infections, obesity and cancer.'


Simple Elderberry Syrup to Boost Immunity (or Drizzle on Pancakes!)

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'When my children had whooping cough 8 years ago (all at the same time, no less!), I relied heavily on elderberry syrup to keep the mucous to a minimum which reduced the severity and frequency of coughing spells.

I never realized until that particular time that this common, nondescript little berry, particularly when concentrated into elderberry syrup, packed such a powerful punch when it comes to managing cough symptoms even for an illness as severe as pertussis. The fact is, elderberry in many different forms has been used in folk medicine for centuries to treat flus, colds and sinusitis as well as coughs.'


Psychologists Say Coloring Is The Absolute Best Alternative To Meditation

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'Lots of us used to color as kids and… it made us happy. Current research by mental health experts suggests that it might make us adults happy too. Recently, psychologists found that coloring in or out of the lines helps unlock creative potential, and relieve tension and anxiety, something we have a whole lot of in this crazy unpredictable world of ours.'


Pot for Parkinson's? The Scientific Evidence Is Compelling

Pot for Parkinson's? The Scientific Evidence Is Compelling
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'Could the very plant that for decades was accused of "frying" users' brains be far superior to pharmaceuticals in treating the "incurable" neurodegenerative condition known as Parkinson's disease?'


Heard of The Glycemic Index? Forget About It!

Anyone who recommends one diet for
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Forget about the Glycemic Index

'We are so saturated with information. With stimulus. With advice. With authoritative edicts on health. A chain of gurus have come before me seeking to guide patients into the light of wellness. People are blinded by it, however. They feel confused, skeptical, and disenfranchised. And then they default to consensus and conformity around FDA standards of disease-care. There is a better way.'


6 Reasons Why Pumpkin Is The Ultimate Superfood

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'Pumpkin is fall’s signature vegetable, but did you know that it’s good for more than carving and pie? That bright orange flesh of a pumpkin is actually loaded with nutrients such as fiber and key vitamins and minerals that can help keep your body running in top form.' 


10 Food-Medicines That Could Save Your Life

10 Food-Medicines That Could Save Your Life
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'Dr. Axe: Welcome to The Natural Cures Summit. I am your host, Dr. Josh Axe, along with one of my co-hosts and partners here in putting on this summit. And that is Sayer Ji from GreenMedInfo

And we have an absolutely incredible segment here for you today. We're going to be talking about the five herbs that could save your life, as well as Sayer going through all of the evidence-based material on why herbs are superior to pharmaceuticals.'


A New Tool for Antibiotic-Resistant Killer Bacteria: Essential Oils

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'What should you stock to protect yourself?

A few weeks ago, we reported that, while many across the country are concerned about measles, which occurs in a largely vaccinated population and has caused no deaths, a larger threat wasn’t receiving proper attention: drug-resistant tuberculosis—and antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” in general. These infect at least two million Americans each year and kill 23,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).'