Why You Should Ditch the Flu Shot and Do This Instead

'The CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control) annual Orwellian “flu season” brainwashing fest is about to begin. Flu fear mongering and alarming flu statistics will soon be bombarding the air waves, a massive Big Pharma media marketing blitz masquerading as science with one purpose: to drive the American people to unthinkingly roll up their sleeves and get the toxic flu jab.'


Dementia Now Striking People In Their 40s As Mercury From Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage

Dementia Now Striking People In Their 40s As Mercury From Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage

'Dementia and other neurological brain diseases are striking people younger and younger, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Bournemouth University in England and published in the journal Surgical Neurology International. These diseases have reached levels that are “almost epidemic,” the researchers said, and they reached them so quickly that environmental factors must be largely to blame.'


Eat More Nuts to Lower Cancer Risks

Eat More Nuts to Lower Cancer Risks
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The medical industry is losing the cancer battle [alternative cancer treatments are winning] . Arm yourself with cancer-fighting nuts.

'Despite a decades-long, multi-billion dollar war on cancer, the global burden of this deadly disease is expected to rise 50% in just the next five years.[i] A handful of nuts a day could help protect you.'


Can We Trust the New USDA Dietary Guidelines to Keep us Healthy?

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'Our national government's attempts at issuing dietary guidelines are usually inappropriate and ludicrous. Unfortunately, those guidelines dictate what the average certified dietitian offers as sound dietary advice. If you've ever had to eat hospital food, you were the recipient of a dietitian's control over the hospital's kitchen. 

Today there are virtual food fights over different dietary approaches. It seems the advocates of each diet want to create a following and promote how their particular approach to eating assures longevity and good health. But there is no one size fits all diet.'


Ballooning Diabetes Rates Highlight the High Cost of Cheap Food

'The recent case of an American toddler diagnosed with type 2 diabetes highlights the severity of the problems our modern processed food diet causes. According to Reuters,1 the three-year old girl, who weighed in at 77 pounds, is one of the youngest persons ever diagnosed with this obesity-related disease.

In the past, type 2 diabetes was referred to as “adult onset” diabetes, and most patients were in the senior category. But as our diets and lifestyles have changed, so has the disease.'


Cannabinoids from marijuana preserve brain function, reverse dementia

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'The human brain contains an extensive network of special receptor sites that modulate nervous system function only when activated by the appropriate cannabinoid compounds, many of which are found in abundance in the marijuana plant. 

And emerging research continues to uncover the unique role these cannabinoids play in protecting brain function, which in turn helps deter the aging process and even reverse the damaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and cognitive abnormality.'


7 Borage Oil Benefits for Skin, Arthritis and Inflammation

Borage oil - Dr. Axe
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'As a common herbal treatment in traditional medicine practices for hundreds of years, borage oil has numerous uses — ranging from treating skin flare-ups to lowering pain. The most beneficial aspect of using borage oil either topically on the skin or internally in capsule form is it has strong anti-inflammatory effects.

Borage oil is becoming increasingly popular as a natural anti-inflammatory supplementbecause it has one of the highest amounts of GLA of all seed oils. GLA is one type of omega-6 “essential” fatty acid that the body cannot make on its own, so we must get it from outside sources.'


Understanding The Sickness of the American Psyche

The Sickness of the American Psyche

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'Is the sky falling? Maybe, maybe not, but there is a deep sickness beginning to take hold of the American psyche that threatens to undermine the principles that have long held the democratic experiment together. 

Although there are a variety of legitimate perspectives concerning this dilemma, I will propose my analysis of the psychiatric state of the American mind, an analysis that is largely colored by my vantage point as a holistic physician with a conventional medical educational background.'


Comprehensive Studies Show That Cannabis Cures Migraines

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'Many of us suffer from headaches, unfortunately, conventional medicine helps in only a few cases and only if the medication is consumed immediately following the first signs of a headache. 

It is important to note, however, that all of these various medicament are accompanied by side effects or harmful consequences. Luckily, according to numerous research efforts, there is a universal and harmless cure that is a product of nature itself – cannabis.'


Is the Organic Label Worth Saving?

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'We are getting more correspondence from our farmer-members, and consumers, asking whether it’s time to give up the fight to save the integrity of the organic label from corporate plunderers and their all-too-accommodating federal regulators. Many suggest that it’s time to create an alternative label and/or an alternative certification system.'

Chocolate Health Benefits & How To Make SURE You're Getting Them

The Trouble With International Trade Agreements: Say Goodbye To Country of Origins Labels

country of origins labeling
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'On the surface, it appears that international trade agreements facilitate commerce between nations and make life easier for everyone. But actually the opposite is true. In fact, trade agreements are nothing more than multinational corporations rigging rules for their benefit regardless of what harm may occur among citizens of sovereign nations.

Here’s a good example of the folly of such trade agreement arrangements that are ballyhooed by national leaders, mainstream media, and legislatively agreed upon by congresses and parliaments over and over.'


Are You Low in This Powerful Nutrient?

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'Potassium, a mineral and electrolyte, is essential for your cells, tissues, and organs to function properly. It plays a vital role in heart health, digestive, and muscular function, bone health, and more.

While potassium is found in many foods commonly consumed in the US – including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, salmon, sardines, and nuts – only 2 percent of US adults get the recommended daily amount of 4,700 milligrams (mg).1

This is especially problematic because potassium is a nutrient that needs to be kept in proper balance with sodium in your blood. If you consume too much sodium, which is common if you eat a lot of processed foods, you’ll have an increased need for potassium.'


Pediatrician Begs Whole Foods to Cancel Alt. Doc's Book Signing

Pediatrician Begs Whole Foods to Cancel My Book Signing
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 "The Paleo Cardiologist, The Natural Way to Heart Health" author explains why a pediatrician opposed his book signing: "After all, I stand for health, he practices in a world of sickness."

'When I made comments in January 2015 concerning the health of our children, one of the first to criticize me was a pediatrician. It is not a surprise that one whose entire career is spent injecting chemicals into children would oppose my views. After all, I stand for health, he practices in a world of sickness." '



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'Marijuana is quickly becoming America’s next big medical treatment substance. It’s been proven in research studies to help with a myriad of medical conditions, and federal agencies have finally published statements indicating that marijuana has medicinal value.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training, recently updated its website to say that marijuana “has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory” and that “[marijuana] and cannabinoids may have benefits in treating the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of cancer therapies.” '


Users Testify to Coconut Oil “Miracles” on WebMD

Coconut Oil
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'WebMD is the world’s most visited “health” website. They derive their advertising from the pharmaceutical industry, so they have a pro-Pharma slant, as one can expect. It is not typically the place you would go to find information regarding alternative treatments to FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs. 

If you are contemplating using prescription drugs, it is a great place to get information about the medical industry’s products. If, however, you are looking for information on products that are not approved as drugs by the FDA, their information will be highly biased.

Due to the increasing popularity of coconut oil and its healing properties, WebMD now has a listing for coconut oil. It is listed in their vitamin and supplement section, since it is not approved as a drug, and since they generally do not provide any health information about foods.'

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Three Fruits That Enhance Brain Power and Prevent Dementia

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'Regardless of what foods are recommended for boosting brain power, keep in mind that avoiding cheaper and more convenient processed foods is necessary to fully benefit from those healthier food recommendations.

Beverages with added sugar, and processed hydrogenated cooking and salad oils (including Canola oils) should be avoided completely. This article recommends fruits only. The first one has to be organically produced, the second recommendation should be organically produced, but you can fudge on the last one, which is not so heavily chemically sprayed or not sprayed at all.'


Nurse’s Aide Awarded $11.6 Million for Being Paralyzed by Mandatory Flu Vaccine


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'We have frequently reported here at Health Impact News the stories of brave nurses standing up for their rights to refuse mandatory flu vaccinations as a condition for employment. There are current cases pending in litigation over this violation of civil rights and recently a New Jersey appeals court ruled in favor of a nurse who was denied employment based on her refusal of the annual flu vaccination (see: NJ Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Nurse who Refused Flu Vaccine).'


The Secret of Qigong - How to Address All Causes of All Dis- eases

Update: Amish Daughter Healthy Despite Health Care “Experts”

Cancer free Sarah Hershberberger (2nd from right).

'Yesterday I visited the home of Andy and Anna Hershberger to deliver the good news that the Medina County Probate Court had at long last formally terminated the guardianship it had created over their now 12-year-old daughter, Sarah.

A government hospital, Akron Children’s Hospital, sought to establish the guardianship to take Sarah from her Amish parents and seven siblings to force chemotherapy on her, even though all signs indicated that the chemotherapy itself appeared to be killing her, was certain to sterilize her, and would no doubt permanently change her life for the worse, even if she were to survive it.'