Don't Buy Into This Miracle Food Myth
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'If you are a visitor to Facebook, subscribe to natural health websites, or receive emails from health gurus, I'm sure you've seen scores of articles telling you that this food or that can prevent cancer, heal your blemishes or keep your arteries from clogging

But there's a major piece of information missing from all of these articles that you need to keep in mind; otherwise you're likely to be disappointed in the results. Fundamentally, miracle superfoods won't make a difference if you're offsetting their effectiveness with an abusive diet, problematic lifestyle and/or toxic environment.'


The Cure for Brain Diseases Is in Your Gut

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'Researchers are just now starting to link inflammation in your gut with some of the most deadly and debilitating diseases we have.

Why are we making such little progress in our attempts to uncover the causes of various forms of brain degeneration? These days we frequently hear about breakthroughs in our understanding of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, but when the discussion turns to the brain, there seems to be very little news.'


This is Why Kids Keep Getting Put on Psychotropic Drugs


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'A Yale School of Public Health study surveyed 1,649 middle-school students, average age 12.4 years, randomly selected from a single urban school district in Connecticut. The research determined that boys drank more high sugar-sweetened energy beverages, whether caffeinated or not, than girls.'


Aloe Vera Heals Skin, Constipation & Immune System
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'It’s used in traditional Indian medicine for constipation, skin diseases, worm infestation, infections and as a natural remedy for colic

In Chinese medicine, it’s often recommended in the treatment of fungal diseases, and in the Western world, it has found widespread use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.
In fact, the manufacturing of aloe vera extracts is one of the largest botanical industries in the world.'


Effective Yoga Stretches for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

'Even though up to 90 percent of Americans suffer from sciatica, there is hope. Made up of low back spinal nerves L4 through S2, the sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body and runs from the hip, down the back of the thigh, to the inside of the leg and finally the foot. 

Commonly affecting adults 25 to 45 years old, irritation or injury to the sciatic nerve is generally caused by what chiropractors call a “misalignment in your lower spine.” '


Avoid Sunburn & Tan Better By Eating Real Food?

Avoid sunburn and tan more easily by eating real food Avoid Sunburn & Tan Better By Eating Real Food?
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'In the last several decades, the push to use sunscreen and limit sun exposure has gotten stronger and stronger. It is now possible to find SPF 70 or higher, and thanks to massive campaigns, most people are at least mildly aware of the “dangers” of sun exposure.

Despite the push for more awareness about sun exposure, and the advice to use sunscreen whenever we go outside, incidence of skin cancer, especially melanoma, is rising dramatically.

In fact, skin cancer rates are rising by 4.2% annually, despite the fact that we spend less time outdoors and wear more sunscreen.

Perhaps the problem isn’t lack of sunscreen, or even sun exposure at all, but a deeper cause? (More on this in a minute).'


Bone Drugs: The Latest Skeletons in Big Pharma's Closet

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'Bisphosphonate bone drugs have been in the news of late, and if you look outside the mainstream media you will find that the news is not good at all. Instead of a product that actually cures illness or corrects deficiencies, bisphosphonates are just another scandalous skeleton in the closet of Big Pharma. Like many other skeletons in the closet, they are no more than scam drugs created for profit which cause more harm than good.'


Are Psych Drugs Killing 500,000 Seniors?

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'Does the long term use of psychiatric drugs cause more harm than good?

Yes, says Professor Peter C. Gotzche. And, he contends, the harm done by psych drugs causes a shocking 500,000 deaths in adults aged 65 and older every year in the Western World.

Professor Gotzche is a professor at the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Denmark, part of the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration. He presented his argument in the 52nd Maudsley Debate at King's College London. The Maudsley Debates take place three times a year at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) of King's College.

How could this information go unnoticed?' 


Avoiding The Sun Will Kill You Much Faster Than Embracing It

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'But what about skin cancer? How do the risks of developing this disease from sun exposure weigh up against the benefits of UV rays? The results of epidemiological studies set up quarter of a century ago to measure the risks of sunlight are now becoming available. The findings have been surprising.

A survey of 30,000 Swedish women recruited in 1990 and questioned about their sun-seeking behaviour found that the more they had sunbathed, the less likely they were to have died 20 years later. 

In fact those who did the most sunbathing were half as likely to be dead as those who had avoided the sun entirely. The authors calculate that 3 percent of deaths in Sweden are due to insufficient sun exposure. Other research backs this up. Another Scandinavian study of 40,000 women found that those who went on the most sunbathing holidays were least likely to have died 15 years later.'


Antibiotics & Cancer: No Connection or Biased Research?


'When a study showed that antibiotics are associated with breast cancer, the authors did another study that appears to be an attempt to disprove their earlier results. Other studies that claim to find no association are deeply flawed. Clearly, the goals are not to find the truth or improve health. Evidence based medicine is based on intentionally flawed science.

 Back in 2004, a study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) documented a direct relationship between breast cancer and antibiotic use.[1] After a brief flurry, the study quietly faded from the public’s—and modern medicine’s—consciousness.'


One Form of CoQ10 Treats Parkinson's, Study Finds

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'Ubiquinol - a form of CoQ10 - has been found to improve symptoms for some Parkinson's patients, and may well be a candidate for adjunctive treatment according to recent clinical research.

Researchers from Japan's Juntendo University School of Medicine have discovered that one particular form of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can significantly reduce the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.'


NEJM editor: “No longer possible to believe much of clinical research published”

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'Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Marcia Angell is the author of The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It. But more to the point, she’s also the former Editor-in-Chief at the New England Journal of Medicine, arguably one of the most respected medical journals on earth. 

But after reading her article in the New York Review of Books called "Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption", one wonders if any medical journal on earth is worth anybody’s respect anymore.'


Bee Venom Therapy - The Charlie Mraz Story

Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia

tilapia healthy

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'Tilapia , one of the cheapest and most popular fish in the United States, may actually lead to many serious health problems.

Their feed is not natural — in the wild, tilapia would eat algae and lake plants, but the farms fatten up the fish on GMO corn and soy pellets. The amount of healthful fish oils in these creatures is almost non-existent, negating the main reason why fish is so good for us.  

Almost all tilapia sold in the U.S. is hormone drug treated. Did you know that the low price of tilapia  is achieved by converting the young females to males through the use of the hormone drug 17alpha-methytestosterone? Having an all male population allows fish farmers to produce larger fish in a short period of time.'


Is There a Vaccine Cancer Connection?

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'Is there a vaccine cancer connection? Almost every vaccine package insert says, “This vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.”

In this article, Landee Martin gives us a list of toxic vaccine ingredients that you should know about in order to make an informed decision about vaccines.'


The Use of Medicinal Marijuana Dates Back Almost 5000 Years

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'In 1997, a hemp rope dating back to 26,900 BC was found in Czechoslovakia, making it the oldest known object to be associated with cannabis. Since that time, hemp has played an important role in humanity’s development. For thousands of years marijuana was not only legal, but an important crop among cultures throughout history, and held commercial, medicinal, and spiritual value.'


How to Make a Simple & Naturally Scented Fabric Softener

How to Make Homemade Fabric Softener- with natural ingredients & scents. You would be surprised at the toxic chemicals found in store-bought fabric softeners.
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'Easy to make, low-cost, and totally customizable, these “crystals” will leave your laundry soft and smelling lovely. The baking soda added in will naturally make whites whiter, and pull out even the toughest stains. Being an alkaline substance (opposite of acidic) it can neutralize the acid in stains that come from various cleaners, urine, or vomit.

It is also environmentally friendly and perfect for people who have sensitive skin. To top it off, it won’t harm fragile fabrics, and it is a brilliant odor remover in the sense that it actually gets rid of smells…it doesn’t mask them with perfumey scents like other fabric softeners do.'

Chris Wark - Medicine isn't Science-Based

Are bleach and other antibacterial products making us sick?

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'A study published earlier recently suggests that a variety of illnesses may be fostered by the use of bleach, an old-time cleaner. How could that be? Bleach is used to kill bacteria, just as antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers are. 

Each of these products is hazardous to your relationship with the beneficial bacteria in your gut, and it is these bacteria that make up the backbone of the immune system. How ironic that the compounds we have been using to stay clean and avoid germs could be making us sick!'