A Delicious & Easy Way To Boost Your Immunity


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Here is a delicious and easy way to boost your body's ability to respond to allergies, infections and inflammatory conditions.

'Medicinal mushroom experts have been telling us for years that mushrooms can help prevent numerous immunological conditions, including cancer and inflammatory ailments. Is this simply wishful thinking? No. 

These effects have been backed with hard science.

Now we find that even so-called culinary mushrooms also have many of these immunity-boosting effects. Once again, clinical research is providing the evidence.'


How Candice-Marie Fox healed advanced thyroid cancer (It wasn’t just pineapples)

'Candice-Marie Fox was diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer in 2011 at age 28. After surgery and radiation, it spread. Then she adopted a radical diet (mostly fruit), changed her life, and her body healed.

“Former model with cancer who turned down chemo claims she cured herself by eating three pineapples a day…”

“Woman ditches ‘toxic’ husband and beats cancer”

Candice-Marie Fox was diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer in 2011 at age 28. After surgery and radiation, it spread. Then she adopted a radical diet (mostly fruit), changed her life, and her body healed.

Candice-Marie recently made internet headlines (a few examples above), but the click-bait tabloid version of her story that went viral is not accurate. She was misquoted, her story was oversimplified, and some of the facts are just plain wrong. Classic internet.

So I thought I would give Candice-Marie the opportunity to tell you herself.


The Truth about Stainless Steel Cookware and the Secret to Making Them Non-Stick


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'Stainless steel cookware is a very popular choice for several reasons. It’s affordable, requires minimal maintenance, and is almost impervious to scratches and scrapes when properly cared for. 

But if abrasive and caustic cleaning agents and implements like steel wool are used when cleaning, the surface of the stainless pot or pan will eventually become scratched allowing minute amounts of nickel, and chromium to escape, and leech into your food.'


Radiation Therapy: The Shocking Truth the Cancer Industry Doesn't Want You to Know


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'It’s no surprise that blasting cancer with radiation damages the body and causes even more cancer to develop. In fact, it is even admitted on the National Cancer Institute website that radiation therapy causes cancer. 

Even if you survive the high doses of radiation, your health will be damaged to the point where the remainder of your life is lived in agonizing pain, with numerous potentially-fatal complications and diseases arising later in life as a result of the radiation.'


11 Benefits of Ginger That You Didn’t Know About


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'I love the taste of Ginger. It’s used widely used in many meals that I eat from starters, main meals and even deserts. It’s used all over the world in a variety of world cuisines from chili crab, curries to ginger confectionary and ginger biscuits. It’s also supposed to hold medicinal health benefits so it’s supposed to be good for me to eat… But what are they? I decided to find out what these benefits are that people talk about.'


5 Superfoods That Actually Live Up to the Hype

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These five superfoods won’t break the bank, but they will provide great health benefits.

'Last week we talked about five superfoods that are more hype than substance. (Check it out here in case you missed it.)

Though they were healthy foods, they didn’t necessarily deserve the moniker “superfood.” On top of that, they tended to be expensive, and not really worth the money when other, more economical foods provide similar benefits.

So this week, we thought it would be fitting to turn the tables. What five foods do live up to the hype, and truly deserve to be called superfoods?'


5 Simple Techniques That will Build Chi and Remove Negative Energy

For guided meditations and much more about Chi Gong, visit:  http://www.theartofunity.com/chigong/

Chi (or Qi, Ki) is our life force energy. It is the basis of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to balance and enhance chi to bring for optimal physical and mental health.

The concept exists in most ancient cultures: In India, it is called prana; China, chi; Japan, ki; and Native Americans, the Great Spirit. For all these and other cultures this energy is central to their medicine and healing.

Trauma from male circumcision permanently damages areas of the brain

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'When it’s inflicted upon females, the civilized world calls it genital mutilation and child abuse. But for males, the medical procedure known as circumcision is still widely performed and accepted (at least in the U.S.), even though science shows that snipping a newborn child’s foreskin can cause permanent brain damage, particularly in the areas of the brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions.'


Study proves ketogenic diet better for weight loss and diabetes than high carb diet


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 'A study published in April 2014 compared two diets with overweight diabetic people.

One group ate the standard recommended diet by the American Diabetes Association, which was a low-fat, high carbohydrate, restricted calorie diet, as per the USDA dietary guidelines for a “healthy” diet. This group was assigned a “registered dietician with several years of diabetes education experience.” 

The group was encouraged to eat a diet that was 45-50% carbohydrates, while restricting calories and fats. As per the study: “the diet includes high-fiber foods (such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes), low-fat dairy products, fresh fish, and foods low in saturated fat.

 Read More ...

The other group, almost in direct contrast to the ADA diet, was encouraged to eat a a very low carbohydrate, high fat, non calorie-restricted ketogenic diet. Their goal was to reach a state of “ketosis,” defined as a blood beta-hydroxybutyrate level between 0.5 and 3 mM, as measured twice a week at home using blood ketone test strips. - See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/study-compares-american-diabetes-association-low-fat-diet-to-high-fat-ketogenic-diet-for-helping-diabetes-ketogenic-diet-wins/#sthash.3y6Njwyk.dpuRead more...

Turmeric Boosts Working Memory In One Small Dose

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One small dose of turmeric powder was found to improve working memory in pre-diabetic patients.

'Interest in turmeric as a tonic and regenerative agent for brain conditions is growing rapidly. Given the increased prevalence of neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, as well as an alarming uptick in brain cancer and the cognitively impairing metabolic dysregulations associated with type 2 diabetes.'


Don't Take the New (or ANY) Prescription Drugs! You'll Be Shocked Why! CRIMINAL!!!!!

Blackcurrant Extract Prevents What Statin Drugs Attempt To Treat

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'The long-term consumption of blackcurrant has shown anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic actions in hypertensive subjects. The berry has been proven to help slash the risk of heart attacks, stroke and heart failure. New research show it prevents other metabolic dysfunctions induced by diets high in fat and cholesterol triggering the same mechanism as statin drugs.'


Essential Oils Proven to Treat 'Incurable' Ringworm Infections

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'Ask any veterinarian: Ringworm is one of those infections considered to have no conventional cure. When cats are infected, they may be cleaned and washed and hopefully will repel the infection over time, but there is no known cure for the infection among conventional veterinarians.

In humans, applying antifungals repeatedly over months and months can effect a removal of the infection – but these will often take time. In some cases, powerful prescription antifungals are necessary, and they usually work, but they have been shown to exert considerable toxicity and possible resistance over time, and for these reasons the European Community has banned the use of most ringworm antifungals on sheep and other farm animals.'


10 Changes You Can Make In Your Kitchen That Lead To Weight Loss


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'From investing in single-serving containers to putting healthy eats at eye level, here are 10 changes you can make in your kitchen to help you start losing weight today. 

 While eating healthier is on the to-do list for many, our kitchen can make it harder to eat healthy, and easier to fill ourselves with snacks and junk food. But there are ways to make the home more conducive to better eating. Planning meals in advance can go a long way, but it is also important to plan how the foods you buy go into your kitchen.'


Tropical Tree Extracts Inhibit Liver Cancer

 Tropical Tree Extracts Inhibit Liver Cancer

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'Research from the College of Pharmacy of Saudi Arabia's King Saud University has determined that the extract from the leaves and branches of the Red Spurge tree – a small tree that grows in hot and tropical regions such as Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and Africa – inhibits the growth of liver cancer.

The researchers performed laboratory analysis on an extract of the leaves and small branches of the tree, Latin name Euphorbia cotinifolia L., also called the Hawaiian Red Spurge, the Mexican Shrubby Spurge and the Caribbean Copper Plant. The researchers found that the extract contained 17 different plant polyphenols, including two ellagitannins not found before.'


Everything You Wanted to Know about the Pineal Gland


'The famous philosopher Descartes described the pineal gland as the “principal seat of the soul.” You’ve probably heard of this gland being the ‘third eye,’ a mystical chakra point residing right in the middle of your eyebrows. Well, it turns out these ideas aren’t too far off. The small, rice-sized, pinecone-shaped endocrine organ known as the pineal gland sits alone in the middle of the brain and at the same level as the eyes.'


Two Famous Purveyors of Misery and Death Through Vaccines


'Dr. Paul Offit, the premier vaccine promoter and spokesperson, is not necessarily a media darling, but he gets lots of favorable press and gets passes on anything he says no matter how ridiculous. Then there is Bill Gates who was once criticized for not being philanthropic and has since changed to … ? What are Bill and Melinda really promoting with their vaccination programs.'


“Money and Medicine” Medical Waste and Overtreatment


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'America spends more per capita on health care than any other developed nation, yet health outcomes are among the worst.

Despite sizeable health care expenditures, Americans are among the sickest citizens of the developed world, ranking only 50th worldwide for life expectancy. Americans also rank near the bottom for everything from infant mortality to obesity, heart disease, and disability.1

US health care costs are driven through the roof by inefficient delivery of care, excessive administrative costs, fraud, and a mountain of medical waste, as well as a fragmented insurance system that lacks any standardized price setting mechanism.'


The Foreskin: Why Is It Such A Secret In North America?


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'The male prepuce, or foreskin, is a highly mobile and extraordinarily sensitive double fold of tissue that is the end of the penis. Why do Americans go out of their way to remove this part of human anatomy, when the rest of the world does not?

Note: Never have I gotten so many comments and emails in response to a blog post, much less rumors that I'm a man. I'll keep that in mind. And for the record, it wasn't until 2014 that I had the opportunity to put a man's intact penis in my very much female vagina. This frictionless appendage made me realize that sex doesn't have to be painful or cause hazardous inflammation. And with that image in your mind...'