Why The FDA Deserves to be Called The Fraud and Death Administration

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'The FDA constantly sanctions dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and toxic food additives, bans safe and effective natural remedies for diseases, and enforces bans on healthy foods such as raw milk. Several pharmaceuticals remain on the market while killing thousands and creating more illnesses until class action suits crop up and the mainstream media wakes up momentarily.'


The One Way You May be Able to Save Your Brain from Alzheimer’s

Meditation. Relaxing business woman on the beach
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'Another study shows meditation protects the aging brain—is it time to work it into your daily routine?

My grandmother lived until she was 93 years old. Right up until the end, she never missed a beat. She was as sharp on her last day as any other day I’d known her, with a quick Irish wit and an ability to sum up a person’s character with one sweep of her gaze.

Not everyone is so lucky, unfortunately.

We’re living longer these days, but not necessarily better. Age-related cognitive decline is on the rise, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimating the number of people affected by Alzheimer’s disease to double by the year 2050.'


Quick and Easy Cheeses (And What To Do With Them!)

Cutting Paneer

'Spring is a crazy time on the farm. The grass is growing, planting is happening, piglets, kids, calves, chicks, ducklings, poults, and goslings are being born. EVERYONE is anxious to get outside, and I could happily spend all day in the garden without thought for meals or housework.

People still want/need to eat, however, regardless of my spring fever. And furthermore, the busyness and hard work make everyone want to eat MORE! Personally, I’d prefer to live on sunbeams and fairy dust in the springtime, but my husband (who spends a sunny Saturday mucking out barn stalls and hauling compost) wants something a little heartier.'


Don't throw away your sprouted garlic; it's a superfood

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'First, let's clear the air on those "garlic is poisonous" rumors that a few hold, similar to the zealous "apple and apricot seeds are toxic" fear mongers.

A little bit of knowledge is dangerous when it overlooks all the details of the complete picture. The disinformation fear mongers should all be ignored. Read why here.

However, there is some truth about toxic garlic if you buy conventionally raised imported garlic. Over half of conventionally grown garlic comes from China. Almost all the rest comes from Mexico and some South American nations.'


How Sunlight and Artificial Light Affect The Body and Mind


'Almost everyone has “sprung forward” with their clocks for daylight savings time, which has many of us confused for now. Time for dinner? Rush hour at 4:00 PM? Oh, it is 5:00. Now for everyone except Hawaiians and Arizonians who don’t have state mandated time changes, we have longer sunlight days.'


Dried Plums Slow Bone Loss in Aging

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'Several recent studies have confirmed what traditional oriental medicine has known for centuries – that dried plums have the capacity to prevent and even reverse bone loss that can occur in our later years.

Florida State University researchers tested 236 women who were between one and ten years into menopause. The women were randomly divided into two groups. One group was given 100 grams of dried plums per day while the other group was given 100 grams of dried apples per day for a year. 

After doing bone scans at three months, six months and twelve months, the researchers found that the dried plum group showed significantly greater bone mineral density than those women consuming the dried apples over that same period.'


Monsanto Scientist Lets a Massive Secret Slip

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'There’s nothing better than seeing those who work for the devil get their feet caught in their mouths. There have been two events recently that make one cheer for our side as Monsanto embarks on challenging the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) analysis of Roundup as a carcinogenic that was published in the March 2015 journal The Lancet Oncology.'


Mother of Eight Says 'NOT Vaccinating My Kids Was The Best Decision I Ever Made'


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'A mother of eight, Tasha David explains why she is against vaccination stating that six of her vaccinated children suffer from a range of health problems. Three have Autism, one has ADHD and one has a language disorder. She refused to vaccinate her two youngest and says they’re the only ones without chronic health problems.

 When I first became a Mum, I never questioned getting my children vaccinated. It was just what you did when you have children - you do what your doctor tells you, because they know best.

My husband and I had never been told that there could be any adverse reactions, only a bit of redness and swelling at the injection site. So as each of our six eldest children got progressively sicker after each vaccination, we never made that connection.'


Yoga's Age-Defying Effects Confirmed by Science

 Yoga's Age-Defying Effects Confirmed by Science
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'While yoga's longevity promoting effects have been the subject of legend for millennia, increasingly modern science is confirming this ancient technology for spiritual and physical well-being actually can slow aging and stimulate our regenerative potential. 

Yoga has long been believed to be a life-extending practice, with yogis maintaining a level of strength and flexibility late into life far beyond what is considered normal or easily attainable in cultures that don't practice yoga or related mind-body integrating disciplines.'


Why This Favored Chip Dip is a Fantastic Superfood


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'The combination of mashed avocado, lemon or lime, sea salt, pepper, a little chopped chili peppers, chopped onions, and diced tomato quickly mashed into what is known as guacamole creates a synergistic super food as well as a tasty treat.

Each ingredient has its own health merit while contributing to a whole that may be more than the sum of its parts. You may or may not use all the ingredients listed here, and you may want to use others as well. But these are the basic ingredients for guacamole.'


4 Health Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing


'Ages ago, when I first stumbled upon the notion of dry skin brushing as a form of preventative healing therapy, I must admit I was heavily burdened with a profound sense of skepticism.

I really began to doubt how the simple act of dry brushing our skin could actually help undo most of the damage caused by our modern lifestyles. More importantly, it almost seemed too good to be true.

I could not be farther from the truth.

However, as I continued developing the key foundations of a healthy holistic lifestyle, it kept popping up in my research.

I began recommending it as a simple (and very affordable) method of detox and immune system booster.'


How To Spring Clean Your Kitchen (And Your Diet)


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'Even if you haven't been indulging in rich, comforting meals all winter, chances are you've accumulated more unhealthy foods in your freezer, fridge and cupboard than you realize. To start off the new season on the right foot, a little spring cleaning for your food supply might be in order. We talked with the Nutrition Twins (AKA Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos-Shames) authors of The Nutrition Twins' Veggie Cure, for their top tips to whip your kitchen into shape.'


This Underused Sweetener Is Actually Nutritious! Here’s Why You Should Use It

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'Honey is healthy, if it’s real. Therein lies the rub. Often it is not just filtered, it’s utlra-filtered and not even recognized as honey. This is usually the case with honey from China. Often it’s watered down with HFCS added. Forget trying to figure out which agave is for real and whether agave is really healthy or not.

The Real Stuff

For a healthier tasty sweetener that mixes well and blends in with most foods, try maple syrup. Pure maple syrup is not to be confused with the colored high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and sugar waters sold as pancake syrups in supermarkets and used by most restaurants. Pure maple syrup has only one ingredient – maple syrup.'


Fiber Provides Food to Your Gut Microbes That They Ferment to Shape Your DNA

'Your body is a complex ecosystem made up of more than 100 trillion bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa, collectively referred to as your microbiome, which must be properly balanced and cared for if you want to maintain good health.  

These microbes are so numerous they actually outnumber the cells in your body 10 to one. With such a high prevalence of microbes in your system, it seems reasonable to suspect that they're of some major importance.

And indeed, recent years have brought a scientific flurry of information demonstrating just how crucial your microbiome is to everything from genetic expression, immune function, body weight and composition, to mental health, memory, and the prevention of numerous diseases, from diabetes to cancer.'


Five Rules For Successful Spring Cleansing: Health Wisdom of Ancient and Modern Masters

"The road to health is the one that begins with an understanding and commitment  to cleanse and detoxify the body." Dr. Bernard Jensen
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'Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine, and one of the greatest healers of all time put together his ideas, experience, and theories about diet and healing in an extensive volume of writing called the Hippocratic Corpus. Because his work was so extensive, no one could read them all. So he summarized his wisdom in a collection of medical pearls called the Hippocratic Aphorisms.'


Here's what many people don't realize about butter...

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'Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me! Is butter really bad?

Even back in the 60s and 70s sufficient scientific evidence indicated that butter was far better than margarine for your health. 

Nevertheless, the fake, chemically laced, processed food industry along with its partner in crime junk science relentlessly convinced millions upon millions of Americans to eat margarine instead, because it was “scientifically” proven to be superior to butter for health reasons. 


Science Confirms: The More Coffee You Drink, The Longer You Will Live

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'According to the National Coffee Association (NCA) coffee consumption in the U.S. is increasing. More than three-quarters of Americans are confirmed coffee drinkers with 59% reporting they drink a cup of Joe each and every day, while 71% drink it at least once per week. In fact, it ranks as America’s second most popular beverage after water. Americans consume around 400 millions cups of coffee every day. Most coffee beans are imported.'


Garda$ell: Snake Oil With A Bite

 Garda$ell: Snake Oil With A Bite
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Editor's note: There isn't one vaccine that has even been PROVEN to work.

'Gardasil (HPV vaccine) has never been proven to prevent a single case of cervical cancer, but as the most profitable vaccine ever created it is increasingly being mandated despite having an atrocious safety record.'


7 Things NOT To Do When You’re Trying To Lose Weight (#2 fools everyone!)

 7 Things NOT To Do When You're Trying To Lose Weight (#2 fools everyone!)

Weight Loss Mistake #1: You’re looking for a quick fix and want to “trick” your body into losing weight.

'99% of diets are set up to play a little TRICK on your body and manipulate it into losing weight. This is usually done by cutting out a macronutrient group (think protein, carbs or fat) or limiting calories. 

This ALWAYS sets you up for failure, since you can only trick the body in the short term and it will always end up rebelling back, but often with a few extra pounds. So nix thinking anything good ever happens overnight, as it’s a weight loss killer and sets the stage for tricking your body into achieving counterproductive short term results.'