Research Reveals This Vitamin Deficiency Can Cause Permanent Brain Damage
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'B complex vitamins are water soluble and cannot be stored in the body, except for one form of thiamine that is fat soluble known as Benfotiamine. It’s application will be discussed later in this article.

And deficiency of thiamine or B1 is that vitamin that has been recently researched to be responsible for fatigue, neuropathy, and various manifestations of encephalopathy (brain disease). Unfortunately, fatigue is a common symptom for many illnesses and disorders. Vitamin B12 deficiency manifests as fatigue and neurological issues as well.'


Mindfulness Meditation For Anxiety

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ~ John Kabat-Zinn

'This is a blog from @Brolaxblog – a blog that is aimed at helping men deal with anxiety issues. The regular blog can be found here.  The blog covers the basics of mindfulness well; mindfulness can indeed be a powerful tool in reducing anxiety; it has decreased my own anxiety by a massive amount. 

However it pays to remember that mindfulness is not an overnight solution to this kind of problem. It takes time, self-compassion and practice to bring about these benefits.


Starbucks Newly Offered “Coconut Milk” Confirms it’s the McDonald’s of Coffee

'Starbucks “Coconut Milk” is Fast Food Quality

In case you haven’t heard, Starbucks is now offering its very own version of “coconut milk” or more formally known as: Starbucks Single Origin Sumatra Coconut Milk. What might that statement mean in terms of actual quality? 

“Single origin” sounds impressive, but most likely it means it comes from a single rather large factory in Sumatra where thousands of workers eke out a meager living. What’s so special about that? Another researcher noticed there’s no ‘Fair Trade Certified’ label on the coconut milk carton.'


The Eight Most Damaging Ingredients to Watch for on Food Labels
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'Processed foods are loaded with preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavorings, which is one of the reasons that I recommend avoiding them. Once you become a label reader, you’ll realize just how ubiquitous they are.

The best way to avoid toxic chemical additives is to consume only fresh whole foods. But practically speaking, this can be difficult for many people to accomplish, at least 100 percent of the time. Chances are that, despite your best efforts, you’ll have a processed food or two somewhere in your diet.

Therefore, it’s good to know which of the thousands of chemical additives are the most dangerous and should be avoided at all cost when you spot them on a food label.'


Stop panic attack and anxiety with breathing exercises

'Breathing exercises stop panic attack and anxiety! This is because breathing and oxygenation are critical to keep acidosis away.

Blood tends to be alkaline because the vital combustions taking place in the body are mostly acid in character. Alkalinity of the blood allows chemical processes to move acid from the tissues to discharge points such as the lungs, kidneys and bowels.'


The Dirt Cheap Approach to Elevating Mood and Strengthening the Immune System

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'I’m not sure of how Prozac was developed, but a certain microbe, Mycobacterium vaccae, is currently under observation because it demonstrates similar neuron effects as Prozac, without physiological side effects and suicidal and homicidal impulses.

Mycobacterium vaccae promotes serotonin production, which elevates mood and helps one be more relaxed. And it’s abundant in planting soil. You can find live Mycobacterium vaccae dirt cheap in your garden soil.'


Psychiatric Drugs Send 90,000 to Emergency Rooms Each Year

Psychiatric Drugs Send 90,000 to Emergency Rooms Each Year
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'Seventy-nine million Americans, one-in-four, are currently prescribed psychiatric drugs. In an effort to provide accurate information about the documented risks associated with psychiatric drugs, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), the leading mental health watchdog, last year launched a comprehensive website and enhanced psychiatric drug database.'


20 Health Benefits of Thyme Oil
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'Thyme is an incredibly potent yet simple herb affecting multiple systems in the body and capable of treating dozens of diseases. It contains one of the strongest antioxidants known and is proven to kill 98% of breast cancer cells. 

 Oil of thyme is derived from thyme, also known as Thymus vulgaris. The perennial herb, a member of the mint family, is used in aromatherapy, cooking, potpourri, mouthwashes, and elixirs, as well as added to ointments. Thyme also has a number of medicinal properties, which is due to the herb’s essential oils.

The benefits of thyme essential oil have been recognized for thousands of years in Mediterranean countries.


Create Kitchen Garden Sprouts that Have 50 Times the Anti-cancer Capacity of Broccoli

'Broccoli sprouts make regular broccoli’s health benefits seem miniscule. You won’t have to eat a bunch of broccoli often if you consume a handful of light broccoli sprouts a few times a week. They can be tossed onto salads or included in sandwiches.

Sprouting instructions are at the end of this article, which contains an interesting food fight story and nutritional information.'


Harry Hoxsey: guilty of healing cancer patients
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'Of all the episodes of alternative cancer treatment suppression by the medical establishment, none is more dramatic and long lasting than Harry Hoxsey’s.  Harry’s constant conflicts covered almost 50 years of the 20th Century, while he defended what has proven to be a highly effective alternative cancer treatment. 

Hoxsey was flamboyant and put himself into the public eye and ear energetically and often.  The medical establishment, cancer industries, and cooperating government agencies responded viciously.  His USA operations were closed down in 1960, but his legacy continues at the Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico.'  


Backdoor Medicine: How Marijuana Suppositories Can Save Lives

'This is a common reaction to the suggestion that cannabis can be used as a suppository. Rectal administrations (suppositories) have an unfairly bad reputation in North America, despite the diverse benefits they offer. This article aims to educate about the advantages associated with the rectal application of cannabis and provide a simple set of guidelines for the effective use of suppositories.'


A tasty way to help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, and dementia
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'Up until a few decades ago, blueberries didn't have the superfood status they rightfully claim now. As a matter of fact, they were considered lacking in nutrition. Since then, serious testing and analysis have proven blueberries are truly tasty, medicinal foods.'


Hibiscus Leaves Inhibit Growth of Melanoma Cancer Cells
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'Originally from Angola, hibiscus is now cultivated throughout tropical and subtropical regions, especially in Sudan, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, and China. The polyphenols present in hibiscus leaves may inhibit growth of and destroy melanoma cancer cells without damaging healthy human skin cells, scientists from Taiwan have found.'


Eat Nuts, Live Longer?

'Are you nuts for nuts? Maybe you should learn to be.
Why? Well, for starters, research shows they have just too many health benefits to ignore.


In fact, one particular study out of Spain linked eating nuts to a longer life span.

Below we’ll dig into the study and give you some suggestions on how to work these tasty nutritional powerhouses into your diet. Ready?'


Overdose: Are Pharmaceutical Companies Systematically Destroying Your Health?

 Doctor writing many medicine prescriptions
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'In September 2004, Merck & Co. pulled Vioxx from the market. The press spun the headlines to make it look like Merck – a pharmaceutical giant with annual sales in the range of $40 billion – withdrew its non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain drug for the right reasons. 

What they didn’t reveal – at least not right away – was that Vioxx was responsible for up to 60,000 fatal heart attacks.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories drugs (NSAIDs) also come as non-prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) pain medicines. 

Ibuprofen is one of the most commonly used NSAIDs for headache, joint pain, and muscle soreness. It’s well known to damage the lining of gastrointestinal tract and may trigger leaky gut syndrome and even celiac disease. Ibuprofen also is linked to kidney damage.'


Five fruits that stop cancer

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'Scientists have discovered five fruits that stop cancer. Each has a specific cancer fighting component that shrinks tumors, and keeps cancer cells from proliferating. Unlike the drugs of mainstream cancer treatment, these components are not specific to one form of cancer, but are able to treat many forms of cancer successfully.'


Big Food Companies Struggling for Profits

Big Food Companies Struggling for Profits
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'You know that term of phrase “the good ‘ol days”? I like to think it more appropriate to call it the “not so good ol’ days”, especially when it comes to this story.

I’m optimistic that big food and the companies pumping out processed junk are soon going to be a thing of the past.
The junk food era is slowly coming to a close and we need to make sure to give it a good final shove out the door.'


This Simple Smoothie Replaces Many Supplements and All Pharmaceuticals

'There are several types of smoothies used for various health conditions. But few, if any, that can claim to improve cardiovascular health, memory and cognitive function, and reduce inflammation while providing an enormous array of nutrients.

This smoothie involves putting three ingredients into your blender: blueberries, cacao or cocoa powder, avocado, and a little honey with purified water added according to one’s desired consistency. You can use juice instead of water, but not milk or yogurt.
Here’s how these ingredients address the brain, the heart, and more.'


The Industry-Suppressed Budwig Protocol for Cancer

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“I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won’t listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I won’t do it, so I’m blackballed in every country.”

— Dr. Johanna Budwig

Dr. Johanna Budwig left us in 2003, at the age of 95. This German doctor was nominated six times for the Nobel Prize for medicine, which means that it would be wise to take her health work seriously. 

We call her a saint, but doctors-in-the-know thought of her as a god. She cured cancer in “terminally ill” patients; even patients which the establishment had surrendered to fate, claimed were “untreatable”, and had given a death sentence to. She did not just cure specific or rare types of cancer. 

She cured all types of cancer, and she did it relatively quickly, cheaply, easily, and permanently; using only non-toxic ingredients, which had no side-effects."


How to Reclaim your Mind and Life from the Cultural Engineers

'Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000) was a philosopher, social critic, psychonaut, ethnobotanist, lecturer, writer who authored several books. He examined, deconstructed and expounded on a variety of subjects, including: plant-based entheogens, shamanism, metaphysics, psychedelic drugs, epistemology, alchemy, language, culture, technology and theories about the origins of human consciousness. He created a mathematical theory of time (novelty theory) based on patterns found in the I Ching.' 

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