"All Disease Begins In The Gut." -Hippocrates

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'The bodily process of digestion and absorption is one of the most important to our health. Hippocrates made this statement over two thousand years ago and it is truer today than ever.

 What are the signs of unhealthy digestion?
  • Acid reflux
  • Throat and nose issues (clearing throat, runny nose, etc.)
  • Gas/bloating
  • Inflammation anywhere in the body
  • Skin disorders anywhere on the body
  • Negative reactions to food
  • Loose stools or constipation
Our bodies rely on proper enzymes and healthy microbes to work with pathogenic bacteria and to produce anti-bacterial cultures in order to strengthen the intestinal walls and to support our immune system.'


How the Power of Your Mind Can Influence Your Healing and Recovery

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'By definition, a placebo is an inert, innocuous substance that has no effect on your body. Placebos, such as sugar pills, are therefore used as controls against which the effects of modern-day medical treatments are measured.

However, the placebo-effect, in which a patient believes he or she is getting an actual drug and subsequently feels better, despite receiving no “active” treatment at all, has become a well-recognized phenomenon.

A number of studies have revealed that placebos can work just as well as potent drugs. Sham surgery has even been shown to produce results that are equal to actual surgery!

Indeed, mounting research suggests this "power of the mind," or power of belief, can be a very healing force. Studies into the placebo effect also show that many conventional treatments "work" because of the placebo effect and little else.'


Curcumin May Alleviate PTSD Symptoms

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'Curcumin, a compound derived from the spice turmeric, has been studied extensively for its ability to support brain health. Previous studies indicate a potential to combat depression and even Alzheimer’s disease.
New research suggests that it may aid in the treatment of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), a debilitating condition that affects not only veterans, but millions of people around the world.

The study was published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.'


High Salt Diet Protects Against Infection, Boosts Immunity

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'The dietary tides are once again turning for salt.

You may remember a landmark JAMA study in 2011 that showed that contrary to what the medical community espoused for years – salt actually lengthens your life; it doesn’t cut your life or raise the risk of hypertension. That study found that people actually lived longer if they consumed salt. Notably, they were not studying pink Himalayan salt, but regular old, processed table salt.'


This supplement may protect every organ in your body

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'Can you imagine a supplement that protects every organ in the human body and has no significant side effects? This is the kind of claim that gets the FDA after the supplement industry, but in the case of lipoic acid, there’s plenty of research showing this claim may be true. What makes lipoic acid so special? Unlike drugs which possess a singularly defined molecular mechanism of action, lipoic acid is capable of producing multiple effects from its influence on a single gene.'


How Root Canals Could Spark Autoimmune Diseases

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'Are root canals safe? Dr. George Meinig, author of Root Canal Cover-Up, was a founding member of the American Association of Endodontics. He quit the association later in his career after he saw firsthand the adverse reactions that root canals have on the immune system. Dr. Meinig also witnessed the irreparable damage to the jaw bone caused by the infected cavitation sites where root canaled teeth once sat.'


Ebola hoax update: my FOIA request to the CDC

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'“The Reality Manufacturing Company enjoys creating and selling components that are invisible, that aren’t there at all.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

There are things people say they know for certain. No error is possible.

When medical officials say they have discovered a new disease caused by a germ, or they have discovered a new outbreak of a known disease… Almost everyone climbs on board.

Almost everyone automatically assumes that the disease is, in fact, what officials say it is… And more importantly, almost everyone assumes this disease MUST BE caused by the germ that officials claim is the cause.'


Polysorbate 80 And Other Emulsifiers Found In Foods and Vaccines Alter Gut Microbes Leading To Inflammatory Conditions


'Polysorbate 80 and other emulsifiers commonly found in pharmaceuticals, vaccines, cosmetics and many foods have been found to negatively affect the immune system and affect fertility. Researchers writing in Nature have now found they are also altering our gut microbiota composition and driving metabolic changes that lead to inflammatory conditions and obesity.'


Lemon Garlicky Rainbow Chard with Lentils

Lemon Garlicky Rainbow Chard with Lentils
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Swiss Chard often gets overlooked as just another green and I constantly find people confused as to what it is or how to cook with it. In my opinion, chard needs far more attention than what it gets. Why is kale getting all the love, anyway?

This vitamin-packed, leafy vegetable is actually part of the chenopods, a subfamily of flowing plants that beets and spinach also belong to. Like beets and spinach, chard is packed with antioxidants and vitamins and it’s beautiful, colorful rainbow stems are just perfection.'


What You Need to Know About Using Cannabis Edibles as Medicine


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'So you’ve decided to incorporate cannabis edibles into your healing protocol – good for you. Now you need to know how to incorporate them safely, efficiently and effectively.

Edibles are an excellent option for patients who cannot, or do not want to smoke or vape their cannabis medicine, or who simply realize that the bulk of marijuana’s medical benefits are lost via smoking. There’s lots to choose from including tinctures (alcohol and glycerin based extractions), cannabis oil extractions, cooking oils, premade desserts, drinks, snack foods, candies, and even chewing gum.'


Top 12 Most Healthy Benefits of Lentils (#11 Really Surprised Us!)

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'Lentils may be individually small, but they pack one heck of a nutritious punch. They're full of essential minerals and nutrients like potassium, iron, folate, zinc, and calcium - all of which are important for your body's well being. And they provide one of the richest sources of dietary fiber on earth. If you haven't already made lentils a part of your weekly diet plan, here are twelve reasons why you should seriously consider doing so.'


Cannabinoids 101: What Makes Cannabis Medicine?

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'We live in ironic times: a plant that’s been labelled criminal and dangerous is providing unrivalled relief for a variety of symptoms and conditions. Cannabis strains bring a colorful variety of medicinal effects, but when confronted with the question of how consuming marijuana could possibly be good for you, not everyone knows how to respond.

This brief look at cannabis chemistry is meant to arm you with a basic knowledge of how marijuana affects the brain and body. Not only will you better understand your medicine, you’ll be able to educate others about why cannabis is truly a safe, natural, and effective remedy.


Hum you way to better health

'Looking for better health? Humming may be one of the simplest, most natural things a person can do, yet the benefits are surprisingly far reaching. Whether humming your favorite tune or humming the sound “Om,” the activity could help your heart, your stress level and your sinuses, and reduce risk for heart attack, stroke and sinusitis.'


NPR Betrays Followers With Dangerous Vaccine Disinformation


'NPR is a far cry from being independent to serve the public ever since its major funding source, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has opened their money trough to corporate and foundation donors.

 Finding who those corporate donors are is beyond a challenge, as all NPR and CPB websites offer is boiler plate jargon explaining how they’re so discerning about conflicts of interest. NPR does have a pie to share though.

 But among major private and foundation donors listed by CPB, two stand out for me: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. Ya think maybe they have some influence on GMOs and vaccines reporting?'


She healed breast cancer with nutrition in 1982 then won the Iron Man

My first interview of 2015 is with the incomparable Dr. Ruth Heidrich.

She’s the winner of more than 900 trophies, 6 Ironman Triathlons, 8 Senior Olympics Gold Medals, and 67 marathons including Boston, New York, Moscow and The Great Wall of China.

She is a World Fitness Record holder at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, and was named “One of the Ten 

Fittest Women in North America”.

She’s author of four books, co-hosts the “Healing & You” radio show, and she was featured in the documentary Forks Over Knives.

ALL of these accomplishments occurred AFTER she healed her stage 4 breast cancer in 1982 with a low-fat vegan diet (no chemo no radiation).

Oh and she’s 80.

And she’s outlived her oncologist by 30 years.

Incredible lady = Incredible interview.

Prepare to be inspired!


Manuka Honey: Can This Sweetener Replace Chemical Mouthwash For Reducing Your Dental Plaque?

Manuka Honey: Can This Sweetener Replace Chemical Mouthwash For Reducing Your Dental Plaque?
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'Honey has been used as a natural wound healer and infection fighter since ancient times, and new research is showing that a specific type of honey from New Zealand — Manuka honey — may offer a wealth of additional healing benefits.

Manuka honey is made by bees that feed off the flowers of the Manuka bush, a medicinal plant native to New Zealand.

All honey contains varying degrees of hydrogen peroxide, which is formed when worker bees secrete an enzyme (glucose oxidase) into the nectar.

Manuka honey, however, has healing properties that extend beyond the healing effects attributed to its hydrogen peroxide content alone; properties such as improved dental health.'


Proven Remedies for Vaccine Injuries and Autism


'It’s not a bad idea to include something positive about vaccine injured children, teens, and adults. More horror stories won’t help those already affected. By proven remedies I mean clinically proven even though not generally acknowledged by the Medical Mafia bosses.'


Chemotherapy kills cancer patients faster than no treatment at all

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'Wishful thinking simply won't deter from the fact that the cancer industry is just that: an industry. Doctors, drug companies, hospitals and other key stakeholders profit heavily each time a cancer patient submits to the conventional treatment model, which typically involves injecting chemotherapy poisons into the body, blasting it with ionizing radiation or cutting off body parts -- or some barbaric combination of all three.'


How Nutritional and Alternative Treatments Can Help You Avoid Using Drugs for Depression

'Early on, Dr. Cass began searching for other doctors of like mind, and discovered a mentor in Dr. Abram Hoffer, the co-founder of  “orthomolecular medicine.” This refers to the concept of nutritional deficiencies being a source of mental illness, and the right nutrients or molecules can correct the problem.

“While I was in my residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, I began to notice that medications had side effects... It would be okay if the side effects were worth it, but most of the time they weren’t...”

After Reading This You Will Never Throw Out That Old Sprouted Garlic Again


'“Sprouted” garlic — old garlic bulbs with bright green shoots sprouting from their cloves —is commonly thought to be past its prime and routinely gets tossed into the garbage bin without a second thought.

While some old sprouted foods can actually be dangerous because they release toxic chemicals which can harm the body, that’s not the case with sprouted garlic – on the contrary. In fact, a study funded by Korea’s Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology, which was recently published in the ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that sprouted garlic has even more antioxidant activity than its younger, fresher brethren.'


How Shannon healed stage 4 breast cancer with alternative therapies

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'My friend Shannon Knight has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice since 2006.
The first time was stage 3. The second time was stage 4 (ruh roh).
But she reversed it with hardcore nutrition and integrative therapies!

You’re gonna love her story… so powerful.

Fun fact: This interview was actually taped in my living room.

p.s. No we don’t still have our Christmas tree up, this was shot in December. :)



Talcum powder is Linked to Ovarian Cancer. Shocking Reasons to Stop Using It Immediately


'You have probably used talcum powder or other talc powder containing products. Talc is used in many  industries. It is commonly used in cosmetics and body powders, including those for babies. It has hydrophobic surface properties helping to keep skin dry.

 However, it appears that talcum powder may cause significant lung damage (or even lung cancer) if inhaled, in addition to, increasing the risk for ovarian cancer. However,despite these apparent risks, the FDA has still not pulled this product from the market or forced manufacturers to place more comprehensive warning labels informing consumers about the possible health risks related to the usage of talcum containing products.'