FDA Aims to Censor Essential Oils

Photo Credit:http://prepared-housewives.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/FamilyPhysician.jpg

'In September of 2014, the FDA began a coordinated attack on companies that market essential oils. The top brands are dōTERRA and Young Living. Both companies offer essential oils to help manage a variety of symptoms ranging from headaches to anxiety to hyperactivity.

Many essential oil users claim to have eliminated the need for over-the-counter medications due to using specific combinations of essential oils to target common maladies.
Back in 2014, Young Living received a warning that you can see on the FDA’s website. It seems they had conducted a thorough search of the Internet, including websites, 
Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and cited instances that Young Living essential oils were mentioned in conjunction with a medical diagnosis.'
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