10 Of The Most Common Signs 30 Days Before A Heart Attack

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'Women generally have a much harder time than men when it comes to heart attacks. Women are more likely than men to die, be permanently disabled, or have a second attack within a year, yet a very insignificant amount of information is provided to women by their doctors and gynecologists to prevent heart attacks. 

 Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of U.S. men and women, accounting for 40% of all U.S. deaths. That's more than all forms of cancer combined. Here are the 10 most common signs to look out for.'


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Terry L. Clark said...

Articles like this are interesting, but helpful only to those with really really good insurance that pays providers well and has very low co-pays/deductibles.

For most of us, there are two huge hurdles: Where does one find a quality diagnostician, and how does one afford to pay for that care? Most of the time, people are just stuck with huge bills and no answers/no actual cures. Just drugs to mask the symptoms.

The symptoms in the article are common for many things, and most "MDs" (never forgetting that Mengele was also called "Doctor") are just drug dispensers who wouldn't dig to find out the actual underlying causes even if they had the ability to do so--'cause where's the money in that?