"Germs" Help The Body Produce Vitamin C: Breakthrough Discovery

Amazing Discovery: "Germs" Enable Us To Produce Vitamin C
Photo Credit:http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/germs-help-body-produce-vitamin-c-breakthrough-discovery

 'Groundbreaking new research indicates that humans are capable of synthesizing vitamin C via their highly complex and capable microbiome.
We live in a time and age where decades old assumptions about the human body are being overturned on a surprisingly regular basis. 

For instance, bodily cells were recently found to communicate inheritable information to sex cells (e.g. sperm) capable of being passed down to the next generation, effectively overturning Darwinian concepts of inheritance in favor of the long denied Larmarckian view. 

Last year, edible plant material was found to 'talk' to the cells in our body via nanoparticles known as exosomes that regulate the expression of our DNA, as well as other important physiological pathways.'


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