A Simple Way To Reduce Your Toxic Heavy Metal Load

Photo Credit: Real Farmacy

'We’re bombarded with them from the chemicals and heavy metals in our environment that began in the 20th Century and proliferated exponentially since WWII.

Of those estimated 50,000 chemicals used by consumers, industry, and agriculture, 300 have been tested with restrictions on only five. Mercury is in your mouth’s fillings and in the air from coal burning power plants and vaccines. Aluminum is in vaccines and aluminum nanoparticles descend from chemtrails. Arsenic is in our foods.

Lead is discovered in some people’s blood samples even though lead based paints and gasoline have been banned for decades.

You may have heard of chelation therapy, which is a bit expensive, a tad risky, and requires a medically trained person to administer. But what if you can detox from heavy metals and other toxins at home alone cheaply?'


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