Too Much Water, Not Enough Water—Why I Think We Need to Drink More

Pretty brunette drinking water on couch at home in the living room
Photo Credit: Renegade Health

Recommendations are mixed, but I think on the whole, most of us can benefit by drinking more water.

It’s a natural miracle worker: plain old water.

It has the power to reduce the risk of heart disease, soothe pain, boost your weight-loss efforts, and ease digestion.

According to recent research, though, nearly half of Americans aren’t drinking enough.

Maybe it’s because of the experts who say all the talk about drinking water is just that—talk, because we have few studies to prove that drinking extra water will really benefit you health wise. You can get just as much of your fluid requirements from other drinks, they say, like tea, coffee, and even fruit.

You need eight glasses of water a day? 


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