Rethinking Fruit – Should You Limit Fruit? Maybe Not
Photo Credit: Renegade Health

'It seems that every recent diet book I have looked at lately seems to be the same book, disguised under a different title. The rules are practically the same, the only difference is the name of the diet, and the author.

The trend in all of those books is to eschew “carbs” without eliminating them completely. This generally means avoiding grains or restricting yourself to a few types (quinoa, brown rice, etc.). Potatoes are generally frowned upon, as is pasta. Vegetables are always encouraged. Lean meat and protein should be eaten at every meal, as well as plenty of “good fats.”

And among the various diet recommendations, the trend seems to be to look down on fruit.

Although many diet authors love to talk about a healthy diet being based on “fruits and vegetables,” when you examine their recommendations more closely, fruit is frankly discouraged. Either they avoid it completely, or limit it to a rather sad amount (1/2 a cup of cantaloupe, twice a week!).'


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