Oncologists Rush to Remove Thyroid Glands Before Certain of Cancer

Photo Credit:www.nickcampos.com

'In 2011, the international media jumped on the news that the president of Argentina, Cristina Fern√°ndez de Kirchner, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. That led to the surgical removal of her thyroid gland, called a thyroidectomy.

Problem is, it takes a thyroidectomy to determine if there really is cancer in the thyroid gland. So, take it out and see. Oops, then the media celebrated her not having cancer after all. So it became “don’t cry for me Argentina” and the media expressed the Argentinian sigh of relief.

But Presidente Cristina did really have something to cry about after all. Like many who have had a thyroidectomy, she would have to be on synthetic pharmaceuticals for the rest of her life as long as she continued depending on mainstream medicine. Not a healthy situation.'


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