Elderly Man with Terminal Cancer Walks Out of Hospice after Treatment with Cannabis Oil

 Stan Cannabis Walks Out of Hospice

'Stan and Barbara Rutner are a devoted, couple who have been together 59 years. They both have hard-won experience battling cancer. Roughly 20 years ago, Stan, a retired dentist with a lucrative mini-storage business was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, while Barb had successfully battled breast cancer twice. Stan remembers:”I just thought I had a cold, flu, type thing. That was it . . . I wasn’t thinking cancer at all.” 

After six months of aggressive, standard allopathic, treatment, Stan’s cancer was in remission – that was back in 1989. Meanwhile, Stan had moved on with his life; his bout with cancer faded into the deep dark recesses of his memory. Of course, Stan didn’t expect after all those years of remission he’d be fighting cancer again in 2011 but as mentioned above that’s not uncommon for those who undergo conventional cancer treatment. His initial symptom this time was a persistent cough, otherwise he seemed fine.'


How to Reclaim your Mind and Life from the Cultural Engineers

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“Within this totally jaded society the “individual” had little chance. In fact, his only hope was to escape in some fashion, perhaps into the woods where a person could rediscover the fundamental truths that nature revealed, or into hallucinogenic drugs that pushed the mind past the limitations drilled into it by education and upbringing, or into a completely different lifestyle grounded on more humane and authentic values.”


This is Why You Should Not Blindly Follow Your Doctor’s Advice to Vaccinate

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'The subject of vaccines is extremely controversial. Most individuals have been taught from an early age that vaccines are safe and prevent disease. I wish that both of these statements were true, but I am now convinced, after extensive research and experience, that vaccines do not prevent disease and that they are far from safe.

Tremendous pressure is wielded by physicians, hospitals, public schools, family and friends to vaccinate. You must come to your own conclusions and stand firm, should you decided not to vaccinate. It is imperative to take time to do some independent research on this medical procedure. The health consequences of vaccinations, which include death, cannot be easily reversed, if at all.'


Longevity Tips From My Super-Powered Greek-American Mom

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'My husband, ethnobotanist and Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, recently appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to talk about a recent study showing that Greek coffee makes the inner lining of blood vessels healthier, increasing longevity. When Chris mentioned his mother-in-law, Becky Castanas Greene, by her full name on the air, he won big points with my mother and with the greater Greek tribe. Well done, honey.

My mother has memories of elderly Greek ladies gathering at each others' houses and brewing up rich, thick coffee that they served in special demitasse cups, often passed down from mother to daughter, with small cakes or pastries such as kourabiedes or koulourakia and a heavy dose of girl talk about families and the old country. Men would usually go to the cafeneion (coffee house), where "they'd sit around sipping coffee while solving all the political woes of the world their way," she says.'


It's Foolish to Pretend You Can Fool Mother Nature: Butter is better

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'Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me! Is butter really bad?
Even back in the 60s and 70s sufficient scientific evidence indicated that butter was far better than margarine for your health. 

Nevertheless, the fake, chemically laced, processed food industry along with its partner in crime junk science relentlessly convinced millions upon millions of Americans to eat margarine instead, because it was “scientifically” proven to be superior to butter for health reasons. 

The establishment mantra repeated over and over again has been that saturated fats make you obese and sick and are the primary culprit behind the explosion in cardiovascular disease. But is it true?'


Sunlight Holds Key To Killing Breast Cancer

Sunlight Holds Key To Killing Breast Cancer
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'A new study finds vitamin D -- the 'sunlight vitamin' -- strikes to the very heart of breast cancer malignancy.

Breast cancer is not what most people think. Beneath the intimidating statistics that make it seem like a juggernaut of inevitability or a time bomb of genetic determinism ready to go off in the asymptomatic breasts of millions of women, a far more complex conversation is occurring among clinicians and researchers concerning the true nature and causes of cancer, and why conventional therapies fail to turn the tide against the second highest cause of death in the Western world.  To fully appreciate this, one must go to the first hand research itself.'


Amazing 96 Year Old Yogini Attains World Record

Aging Gracefully—An Interview with Tao Porchon-Lynch

How to Remove Uric Acid Crystalization in Joints (Gout and Joint pain)

How to Remove Uric Acid Crystalization in Joints (Gout and Joint pain)
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'Are you aware that cucumber juice helps bring down body temperature, is highly alkalizing and effective for removing uric acid crystallization in joints, like with gout. There may be a slight pain when drinking this juice (a sign of healing) it is the stirring of the old toxins to be eliminated. The celery and ginger will help reduce inflammation during the cleansing. Perfect combo!'


5 Trends You Will See Intensify in 2015

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'We are creatures of habit and when things go wrong we play the blame game, whether it be directed to ourselves or others. The coming year will be shaped by an increased sense of personal responsibility and rising numbers of people divided on critical issues related to our food supply, our water, our medicine, our health and the planet itself.'

All nations on Earth are now living in the times of change and accelerated chaos. Nothing is the same any more. The past few years alone have been a thorn in the side of Mr and Mrs. Consistency. In fact, the only thing that has been consistent is change. As each year passes, we see a greater contrast in shorter period of time.

Those who want change are putting their neck out and standing up for what they believe in. Others are satisfied with following the blind. Some claim the difference is being awakened while others suggest it's just our time for a major shift to shake what we believe to be normal.'


Never Leave the Playground - Stephen Jepson

Editor's note: This 70 plus guy is amazingly active and healthy from being that way.

The Powerful Aspirin Alternative That Grows On Trees

The Powerful Aspirin Alternative That Grows On Trees

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'Aspirin's long held promises are increasingly falling flat. A natural, safer and more effective alternative to this synthetic drug has been known about for at least 15 years!

In a previous article titled "The Evidence Against Aspirin and For Natural Alternatives," we discussed the clear and present danger linked with the use of aspirin as well as several clinically proven alternatives that feature significant side benefits as opposed to aspirin's many known side effects.'


10 New Year’s resolutions for a healthier 2015


'It’s that time of year again when many of us resolve to make improvements in our lives and habits for the coming year. Often, such resolutions have to do with improving our health, such as losing excess weight or quitting smoking. Besides such obvious areas as weight loss and putting down cigarettes, there are a number of other resolutions many of us could make to improve our health. Here are ten New Year’s resolutions which are almost certain to lead to a healthier 2015 and beyond:'


1 In 2 Children Will Have Autism by 2025, Warns Senior MIT Scientist

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'The overuse of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide on our food is causing glyphosate toxicity and it is now being considered as the single most important factor in development of autism and other chronic disease. At a recent panel discussion about GMOs, a senior scientist has stated that one in two children will be autistic by 2025. 

Glyphosate does induce disease and is a "textbook example of exogenous semiotic entropy." Glyphosate inhibits detoxification of xenobiotics and interferes with cytochrome P450 enzymes, which enhances the damaging effects of other chemical residues and toxins, and very slowly damages cellular systems in the body through inflammation. Residues of glyphosate are found in sugar, corn, soy, and wheat, some of the main components of the Western diet.'


Common Health Complaints & the Corresponding Essential Oil to Ease the Symptoms


'Your sense of smell is your most primal sense and exerts surprising influence over your thoughts, emotions, moods, memories, and behaviors. Scents are experienced long before words.
This is why it’s nearly impossible to describe them with language. Olfaction is different from your other senses, processed through different pathways in your brain.

For other sensations such as sounds and visual images, sensory input is delivered straight to your thalamus, which you can think of as “the big switchboard” in your head. From there, data goes out to your primary sensory cortices.
But smells are different. Before reaching your thalamus, they first wind their way through other regions of your brain, including areas controlling memory and emotion. So with scents, you have all this extra processing even before you have conscious awareness of the scent.'


8 Different Coughs, Their Symptoms And What Each Means For Your Health

8 Different Coughs, Their Symptoms And What Each Means For Your Health

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'Lung infections have been at all-time highs in the last six months and the various and extended symptoms have many wondering why recovery time is so lengthy. Coughs are one of the most common complaints seen by doctors and exact causes are only found for less than 50 percent of conditions. 

Coughs are mainly a protective reflex to remove foreign bodies, mucus or irritants and a primary respiratory reflex for inflammation. Knowing which type of cough is ailing you is the first step in addressing a solution. Here are 8 types of coughs, their symptoms and how to treat them.

Each type of cough is distinct and could help indicate specific underlying illness. One of the best ways to diagnose a cough is by listening.'


Make This a Microwave Free Year: Why Invite Cancer for Convenience?

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'Maybe you’re so used to the convenience of microwave ovens you don’t care about the trade-off: Higher risk of cancer and the long term effects of malnutrition.

What if I told you there’s been mounting science based evidence, strong evidence, that it’s time to ditch all use of microwave ovens. Would you think the suggestion absurd or stop cold turkey and suffer from convenience withdrawal?'


Boycott, ban, criminalize Roundup


'Glyphosate is the primary active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup.

There is no official figure for the amount of glyphosate used every year in the world. One estimate? 650,000 tonnes, which works out to a staggering 1.3 billion pounds.

Manufactured by Monsanto and a number of other companies, glyphosate use spiked after the introduction of Monsanto’s GMO Roundup Ready food crops in the 1990s.

Here is a sprinkle of information about glyphosate. To say it’s sobering is a vast understatement. Keep in mind that the medical cartel, which would call a mother’s touch a disease if it could get away with it, has no name for any disease or disorder caused by glyphosate. In other words, the cartel doesn’t acknowledge its existence.'


This Fatty Food Promotes A Healthy Heart And Waistline‏

This Fatty Food Promotes A Healthy Heart And Waistline‏
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'The myth persists that high fat foods gunk up your arteries and pad your hips. But it's just not true especially when it comes to the highest fat fruit on the planet – the avocado (Persea americana).

In fact, science gives high marks to avocados when it comes to protecting your heart and maintaining a healthy weight. Recently the HASS Avocado Board commissioned a review of the studies on avocados and their nutrients.[1]

The review cites 125 studies and other sources supporting the actual and potential health properties of avocados. They contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals, fats, and phytochemicals. Just one-half an avocado (about 68 grams) contains the following nutrients:'


You Can Make Broccoli Sprouts that are 50X More Powerful Than Broccoli for Cancer Protection

'It’s hard for most of us to eat lots of broccoli as a preventative measure against cancer. But relatively unknown broccoli sprouts are easy to put onto salads, other foods, and in sandwiches on a daily basis.

And Broccoli sprouts make regular broccoli’s health benefits seem miniscule. Sprouting instructions are at the end of this article, which contains an interesting food fight story with nutritional information.'


Herbal Antiseptic Oils Beats Disinfectant for Inhibiting Superbug Infections

Herbal Antiseptic Oils Beats Chemical for Inhibiting Superbug Infections
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'As the battle against superbugs like MRSA and other hospital-acquired infections rages on, researchers have determined that oils derived from plants outperform the antiseptic chlorhexidine and even ethanol in the inhibition of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The researchers - from Australia's Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital - tested a number of extracts derived from plants, including Tea Tree oil, Lemongrass oil, and Eucalyptus oil - against several of the most deadly antibiotic-resistant superbugs. 

These included Klebsiella pneumoniae, MRSA - methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, VRE - vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus, multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and ESBL-producing Escherichia coli. The testing was carried out in a laboratory.'


Red Wine Vs White Wine: The Better Friend To Your Heart?


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'Consistent evidence from numerous studies indicate that moderate alcohol consumption one or two drinks a day) is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and premature death. But research is conflicting as to whether red wine is actually more beneficial than other forms of alcohol.

Red wine’s alleged advantages are often attributed to an antioxidant called resveratrol, which is found in grape skins. (Because white wine is generally produced without the skins, it contains little if any resveratrol.) Studies in animals and test tubes suggest that the compound may have cardiovascular benefits, including relaxing blood vessels, preventing blood clots, and reducing inflammation. 

There’s evidence that other substances in red wine, such as flavanols–which are in dark chocolate as well–may also be good for the heart.'


63 Year Old Grandfather says Cannabis Oil Cured his Liver Cancer


“Do I become a good citizen and die or a criminal and live?” – Mike Cutler

 'Back in 2008 Mike Cutler a 63 year old grandfather-of-nine was diagnosed with liver cancer and given three months to live. However, his doctor had him put on a transplant list and within the year he successfully underwent liver transplant surgery. His doctor pronounced him cancer free and Mike was out of the woods, or so he thought.

Unfortunately, by late 2012 Mike was feeling really bad and soon learned that the liver cancer had returned with a vengeance and was attacking his new liver. His doctors gave him little hope and sent him home to die with a bag of morphine to manage his excruciating pain. His health deteriorated until he was bedridden.'

Avoid This Popular Medicine To Reduce Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack or Stroke

'It seems benign and it is inexpensive to take a half-aspirin or baby aspirin daily to minimize heart attack and stroke. It is certainly less costly and appears less a problem with side effects than prescribed Warfarin blood thinners. The daily aspirin protocol became became a modern day media hyped preventative folk medicine.

As recently as 2007, a massive aspirin TV ad campaign promoting daily low dose aspirins took hold over millions. Despite the gradually growing awareness of side effects from this routine, mainstream medical zombies were awakened to this apparently simple protocol and obeyed Big Pharma’s bought tube time propaganda.'


You'll Be Shocked At What Causes Half of All Heart Attacks!

Black Seed Oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis


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'Black seed oil and its components are showing promise as therapy for a range of autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the bodies' immune system mounts a response against its own connective tissues. The abnormal immune response results in inflammation of the tissues. If untreated inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis recurs and causes tissue damage.

The connective tissue affected in rheumatoid arthritis is commonly in the joints however it can affect other parts of the body including the lungs, skin, and heart. Traditionally rheumatoid arthritis was treated with steroids to dampen the inflammation and suppress the abnormal immune response.'