Ginger is the versatile healing herb (with recipes)

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Editor's Note: Use whole grain, organic spelt flour instead of unbleached, wheat flour as recommended in the article. Also, source all organic ingredients and use organic, pastured raw dairy when available.

'Ginger is a happy, warming herb that stirs up memories of family holidays, gingerbread cookies, and pumpkin pies. Ginger is an ancient spice used worldwide, and now we are recognizing that ginger is one of the most versatile healers on earth.'


The Sun is a full spectrum medicine

What they won't tell you: The sun is a full-spectrum medicine that can heal cancer

"Those that have attempted to convince the world that the Sun, the Earth’s primary source of energy and life causes cancer, have done so with malicious intent to deceive the masses into retreating from the one thing that can prevent disease.”
— Dave Mihalovic, Naturopathic Doctor
and writer. 


Breaking: Vote fraud in Oregon sinks GMO labeling measure

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'As my readers know, I’m not a fan of GMO labeling. The real route to victory has always been banning GMOs.

Ban, not label.

But I’m also not a fan of vote fraud. Which is what just happened in Oregon, where a recount of a very close election turned into a criminal act.

In November, Prop 92, which would have mandated labeling GMO food products in the state, went down to defeat by 800 votes.

That razor-thin margin triggered an automatic recount, by law.

During the recount, 4600 ballots were thrown out, because the signatures on those ballots didn’t match the signatures on the voters’ registration cards.'


The Lowly Lime is More Effective than Pharma Drugs for Serious Diseases
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'The term “limey” is based on the history of the British Royal Navy’s use of limes on board ships during the mid-1700s and onward to prevent and cure scurvy among their sailors while out at sea for extended periods. At first oranges, lemons, and limes were used. But eventually limes became the standard Navy issue. Limes were more abundant in trade route regions and doctors also thought they were the most beneficial citrus fruit.'


The Government is Doing WHAT to Get You to Get a Flu Shot?

Why You Should Ditch the Flu Shot and Do This Instead

'The CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control) annual Orwellian “flu season” brainwashing fest is about to begin. Flu fear mongering and alarming flu statistics will soon be bombarding the air waves, a massive Big Pharma media marketing blitz masquerading as science with one purpose: to drive the American people to unthinkingly roll up their sleeves and get the toxic flu jab.'





Virgin Coconut Oil More Effective than Drugs in Combating Stress and Depression

Is it time for a new paradigm in mental health?  Are non-drugs, like virgin coconut oil, a safter and more effective alternative to stress and depression?

'A new study conducted in Malaysia looked at the effects of consuming high-antioxidant virgin coconut oil on mental health.

Published in the journal Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine and believed to be the first study of its kind, researchers evaluated the anti-stress and antioxidant effects of virgin coconut oil in mice with stress-induced injuries. 

The title of the study is "Antistress and antioxidant effects of virgin coconut oil in vivo."

The researchers performed several stress tests on groups of mice. Control groups included untreated mice and mice not subjected to stress, and virgin coconut oil was compared to a commonly prescribed psychiatric drug, Diazepam.'


The 11 Most Significant Factors Guaranteed To Depress Your Immune System


'From our environment, to our food, medicine and lifestyle, we are surrounded by things that depress our immune system. Knowing the culprits can make a big difference in how long and how often you encounter illness.'


Get Ready to Be Amazed: Terminal Cancer Patient Given Months to Live Cured by Cannabis

'What to do if you have advanced terminal lung cancer that mainstream medicine even admits it can’t cure? Well some of you who have the wherewithal to obtain cannabis oil may know the answer to that. But what if you live in a nation that has no medical marijuana allowances at all? There are still many places like that. Australia is one of them.'


Eucalyptus Oil: Essential Oil Extraordinaire

'Eucalyptus oil is a pure essential oil that has practical and industrial uses, as well as healing properties. It comes from a fast-growing evergreen tree native to Australia, with global eucalyptus oil production mainly from Eucalyptus globulus or "Blue Gum." Learn more about this essential oil – and how it can benefit your health and well-being.'


Big Pharma's secret payments to corrupt doctors, scientists finally to be exposed by US government


‘The legacy of back room wheelin’ and dealin’ by the drug industry, which routinely pays off doctors and academic researchers to hawk oftentimes dangerous and ineffective pharmaceuticals and medical devices, could soon be blown wide open by newly enacted legislation passed as part of the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act, which was successfully moved through the Senate with the help of an extensive investigation led by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), provisions that doctors who receive payoffs from drug or vaccine companies must disclose this when pushing new therapies or medical procedures from what would otherwise appear to be unbiased intentions.’


Terminal stage IV lung cancer patient miraculously cured by cannabis oil

'An Australian woman in her mid-50s recently posted a YouTube video explaining how she has eliminated her stage IV lung cancer with cannabis after being given a death sentence of six months with no treatment. Her oncologist suggested chemo as an option, but it wouldn't cure her cancer. It would only prolong her life a few months with chemo side effects.

Despondent, she and her husband prayed for a solution to her dilemma. She was shocked because she never smoked tobacco her whole life, and now she was scheduled to die with lung cancer in a few months. Their daughter suggested that they go on the internet and look into information on cannabis for cancer.'


Foundation of medical reality explodes

'Time and time again, in these pages, I've illustrated the fact that reality is being created for us---and that reality is false. It's a fa├žade.

Waking up to this is vital, if we want to understand the virtual world we live in. We're inside a matrix.

Here's a medical study I haven't cited before: "A new, evidence-based estimate of patient harms," by JT James (J Patient Saf, Sept. 9, 2013).

The key quote:

"...the true number of premature deaths [in US hospitals] associated with preventable harm to patients was estimated at more than 400,000 per year."


Research: Bisphenol A (BPA) Causes 100x More Harm Than Previously Imagined

A new study reveals just how profoundly misled we are about Bisphenol A and its analogs: they are at least 100x more toxic than we previously imagined.

'An alarming new study establishes that the commonly used chemical bisphenol A used in tens of thousands of consumer products, and its lesser known but increasingly prevalent analogs, bisphenol S and F, are several orders of magnitude more disruptive to the endocrine systems of the developing male human fetus than previous toxicological risk assessments were capable of determining.'


Citrus Juices Found To Contain Antioxidant Capacities Ten Times Higher Than Previously Measured

'The antioxidant activity of citrus juices and other foods is undervalued. A new technique developed by researchers from the University of Granada for measuring this property generates values that are ten times higher than those indicated by current analysis methods. The results suggest that tables on the antioxidant capacities of food products that dieticians and health authorities use must be revised.' 


Exposing the Vaccination Herd Immunity Hoax


'Dr. Paul Offit, the arrogant pediatrician, author, and roto-virus vaccine inventor millionaire and CDC vaccine schedule committee insider, once proclaimed babies could handle 10,000 vaccinations but later amended that to 1,000 inoculations to reassure parents submit their babies to the full CDC vaccination schedule.

Offit’s latest campaign is to overturn any and all state exemptions allowing people to refuse vaccinations. He believes no one should be allowed to avoid vaccinations and claims those who do endanger all.'


C-130 aircraft caught dropping massive ‘raindrop shaped fibers’ onto populace, lab tests confirm “metals”

‘Marie Snow and her friend Cori Gunnels knew they stumbled across something sinister, one November day, this year, when they saw what appeared to be 50 to 60-foot long “raindrops”, “solid” in nature, falling from the sky in clusters, after three military aircraft, including a C-130, flew overhead, minutes prior, at an altitude of an estimated 5,000-8,000 ft.

Using critical thinking skills, Snow and Gunnels, patriots and local residents, decided to collect samples of the fibrous material which was deployed from the three military planes earlier that day, saving the samples for testing. In fact, the fibers looked so ominous that Snow even opted not to touch them with her “bare hands” and collected them on “white pieces of paper”.’


Seeing is believing: nutrients for eye health

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'Have you ever considered the importance of your vision when it comes to daily tasks? We rely on vision to read, drive, walk, color-coordinate, watch TV, observe people and so much more! Perhaps if the role of nutrients for eye health were given more importance, fewer people today would have cataracts or macular degeneration.

The process of vision is very simple – light enters our pupils and our lenses, located behind each pupil, catch the incoming light and focus it onto the retinas at the back of the eyes. But life can take a toll on this simple functioning. Cataracts and macular degeneration can be the result.'


Prescription Vending Machines Coming to Arizona State University

'Recently, multiple sources have covered the installation of InstyMeds prescription vending machines at Arizona State University. The installation came about when the campus health center closed last September. The machine works by giving the prescription holder a voucher and an access code good for only 24 hours. Is this the path we are heading?' 


Studies Find Flu Shots Can Harm Your Heart, Infant And Fetus

Flu Vaccines Found To Increase Heart Attack Risk
For example, a concerning study published in 2011 in the International Journal of Medicine revealed a fact rarely addressed by conventional health authorities, or the mostly uncritical mainstream media, namely: flu vaccines result in inflammatory cardiovascular changes indicative of increased risk for serious heart-related events such as heart attack.


Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO’s

Fight Arthritis Pain and Inflammation with These 7 Foods

Foods Arthritis 

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'Broccoli is one of the many foods that can help relieve arthritis pain and inflammation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that nearly one in two people may develop knee osteoarthritis by the age of 85 years. Two out of three will develop it sometime during their lifetimes.

These are sobering statistics, and help remind us of how many of us may eventually suffer from joint pain and degradation. Though we have a number of pain-relieving drugs, these are poor long-term solutions. Over a period of several years, some patients “get used” to them and no longer enjoy as much pain relief. Some pills can also increase risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.

Fortunately, a number of foods contain natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate the pain of arthritis. Here are seven with promising research behind them.' 


Ten Surprising Twists in the History of Hallucinogens

'LSD lore may have peaked in the ’60s, but hallucinogenic compounds have taken humans—from our prehistoric ancestors to Cary Grant—on a far longer trip.

“Don’t stop here!” yells Raoul Duke as he swats at invisible flying creatures in Hunter S. Thompson’s semi-autobiographical novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. “This is bat country!”

If all you know about LSD (full name: lysergic acid diethylamide) comes from that 1972 cult classic, you’re still armed to the teeth with anecdotal knowledge about hallucinogens. But here at, we decided to take a deep dive into the history of hallucinogens on a bet that the psychedelic ’60s were the least of it. We were not disappointed. Here are 10 of our mind-bending finds:'


Pretty Much Everything We’ve Been Taught About Dangers of Eating Fat Is Wrong

‘With the salad days of summer behind us, and dark, cold days approaching, fat is in season. The holidays, and the accompanying onslaught of rich feasts, present a timely opportunity to think about fat. I used to assume we ate more fat in winter because our bodies wanted to pack on some extra insulation against the cold, but the evidence in support of this seemingly obvious notion—that dietary fat leads to weight gain—is being challenged. Beyond the relationship between fat and health, it’s beginning to look like other deeply held beliefs about fat might be wrong as well.’


Medical Cannabis a Much Safer Alternative to Painkillers

'Every year, painkillers such as percocet, vicodin and other opioids kill thousands. Opioid prescriptions have jumped 300 percent in the last decade and they are the most commonly prescribed drugs on the market. They are the most dangerous and addictive drugs that often lose effectiveness with long-term use. So when a plant comes along that can effectively curb dependency on these popular selling medications, pharmaceutical companies get very get angry. Marijuana does just that.

The collusion between Big Pharma and Government is so strong that the system still believes (through corruption) that a plant should be classified as an illegal drug. There is an abundance of evidence that the suppression of medical marijuana is one of the greatest failures of a free society, journalistic and scientific integrity as well as our fundamental values. There is no plant on Earth more condemned than marijuana.'


13 Healthy Reasons to Eat More Walnuts

'Walnuts benefit your heart, brain, bones and more.  Here's why you need to eat more of them.

Researchers from the University of California Davis say the U.S. government is all wet when it comes to demonizing high fat foods.  In fact, a new study shows eating high fat whole walnuts or walnut oil can slow prostate cancer growth. 
The researchers wanted to know what it is about walnuts that give them the prostate cancer powers observed in earlier studies.'