Why We May Need Viruses More Than Vaccines

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'A groundbreaking study published this month in Nature challenges a century old assumption about the innate pathogenicity of these extremely small, self-replicating particles known as viruses.

Titled, "An enteric virus can replace the beneficial function of commensal bacteria," researchers found that an "enteric RNA virus can replace the beneficial function of commensal bacteria in the intestine." Known as murine (mouse) noravirus (MNV), researchers found that infecting germ-free or antibiotic-treated mice infection with MNV "restored intestinal morphology and lymphocyte function without inducing overt inflammation and disease."'


How Sharing Food Makes You a Better Person


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'In the realm of family dinners, Thanksgiving is king. Perhaps no other day of the year do so many Americans sit down to break bread together, often sharing their meal “family style” and passing each dish from person to person until everyone has been served.

This tradition feels intrinsically good – and this is no coincidence. People have been sharing food since the beginning of time. In those days, during primitive times, there was no choice, of course. Societies had to work together to not only hunt and gather their meal but also to distribute it fairly.

Today, many of us have access to individual meals and single-sized portions, such that sharing is no longer a necessity. But the Thanksgiving tradition of sharing food is one that deserves to be experienced all year long.'


Five Must-Have Essential Oils

Video - Dr. Josh Axe suggests five essential oils that are a must-have in your medicine cabinet and the best way to administer them. How many of these do you have in your home?

1.) Tea Tree Oil (disinfects and cleans)
2.) Peppermint Essential Oil (soothes, cools, and freshens)
3.) Lavender (heals skin, relaxes, calms)
4.) Lemon (invigorates, cleanse, fat loss)
5.) Frankincense (boosts immune system, reduces inflammation, increases brain function, decalcifies the pineal gland)

The Most Powerful Gratitude Practice You’re Not Doing

Gratitude Works

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'You probably already know I love to cook, and yes – I love to eat :)
But this year is super special for me.

You see, a few years back my parents moved to Vegas from New Jersey. They’re not very fond of travel, and I’ve been hosting a group of friends and other family at my house for Thanksgiving — so for the past few years I’ve been missing them. A lot.

Couple months back, I went out on a limb to invite them over for this holiday. I thought if I framed this trip like a stress free adventure – one where I’d take care of all the details to ensure it was truly stress free for them - that maybe they’d be up to come back to the East coast for a bit.

Well…they said YES!

So this week, I get the incredible gift of spending time with my family and really taking care of the two people who worked so hard to raise me.

And since Thanksgiving is inextricably linked with gratitude, for today’s episode of MarieTV, I wanted to share a little-known trick to take your gratitude practice to a whole new level.

Because whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, the most fundamental practice to quickly transform your life — any time of year — is gratitude.'


CT Scans Can Expose The Body To Radiation Levels More Than 1000 Times Greater Than a Standard X-Ray

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'CT (computed tomography) scans are now a well established medical imaging procedure which both the government and the scientific community have confirmed increases cancer risk. 

CT scanners bombard the human body with radiation levels more than 1000 times greater than a standard x-ray. They damage DNA and create mutations that spur cells to grow into tumors. 

 Currently, more than 80 million CT scans are performed annually in the United States, around half in women, reflecting the large number of individuals who are exposed to this source of radiation. 

Thought leaders in radiology are often quoted as estimating that 30% or more of advanced imaging tests may be unnecessary, and while there are few scientific data to precisely estimate the amount of overuse, many radiologists believe the proportion may be even higher.'


Dennis Mckenna - Navigating the Screaming Abyss

Disease Does Not Stand A Chance Against Black Cumin

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 'Nigella sativa, also known as black cumin, black seed, kalonji and haba al-barakah (Arabic name) has been proven with countless peer reviews to effectively treat cancer. More than cancer, Nigella Sativa seeds have been proven to be a treatment for more than 100 diseases.

  There have been more than 450 peer reviews in the past 40 years for a wide range of diseases, such as diabetes, MS, Alzheimer’s disease, hepatitis C and more. Originally, Nigella sativa was used to treat migraines and allergies, but recent discoveries have shown that this little black seed is effective in destroying cancer cells.'


Honoring Native Americans on Thanksgiving


'Thanksgiving in the U.S. is about gathering together with friends and family and giving thanks for being able to stuff oneself with a huge meal.

It’s one of the most important holidays of the American capitalist religion, second only to “Christmas.”

Its founding myth is the fateful meal shared by the indigenous peoples of Massachusetts with the starving English Pilgrims. The Pilgrims “gave thanks” at that meal for the generosity of their hosts, and thus was born the tradition of a November Thanksgiving feast.'


How Grounding (Earthing) Healed My Adrenal Fatigue

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'Here’s the remedy that brought me back from extreme adrenal fatigue, AKA wanting to take a nap all the time!  It is called grounding (“earthing”). [see: Can Earthing Help Adrenal Fatigue?]

I already had a great diet and was taking the best supplements.  But my healing in certain areas wasn’t improving, most notably my energy levels and the functions of most of my organs.

BIG stuff that needed jump-starting.  Was it possible that the earth’s electricity could be the missing link?  Did I even believe in such a thing?'


New bill would allow the VA to recommend medical marijuana for patients


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"Arguing that medical marijuana may help wounded warriors with anxiety and stress disorders to “survive and thrive,” Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) have introduced legislation that would allow Department of Veterans Affairs’ doctors to recommend the drug for some patients.

The Veterans Equal Access Act and would challenge the Va’s policy that forbids doctors from consulting about medical pot use. Earlier this month, The Washington Post reported about the issue."


The Great, Healthy Pumpkin

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'Autumn is the season in which bright orange pumpkins begin to appear, most of which are creatively carved to serve as Halloween jack-o’-lanterns and discarded on November 1.

However, it's a mistake to consider this beneficial plant food as nothing more than a holiday decoration, or source of a sugar-laden pie. Pumpkins can provide a variety of benefits, as you'll soon see.

The pumpkin, a member of the gourd family cucurbitaceous, is native to North America, hence its real or imagined role in the first Thanksgiving day feast.

Aside from its use as an American holiday favorite, pumpkin can be consumed in breads, soups, casseroles, and a number of desserts.'


Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods

Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods
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'In the not too distant future, consumers will be able to run on-the-spot tests for environmental toxins, GMOs, pesticides, food safety and more with their smartphones and other hand-held devices.

Every human being on every developed nation on Earth, whether living in a rural or isolated area, in the middle of a large city, or near an industrialized area, now contains at least 700 contaminants in their body including pesticides, pthalates, benzenes, parabens, xylenes and many other carcinogenic and endrocrine disrupting chemicals.

We are being bombarded on a daily basis by an astronomical level of toxicity, all controlled by chemical terrorists on behalf of the food industry. Morever, many of these toxins affect our fertility and those of successive generations.'


Everything You Are, Have Been And Ever Will Be Is About Frequency, And Your DNA Is The Ultimate Antenna

"Your entire existence…all matter, all life, all experiences–everything owes its existence in the physical world to frequency. Absolutely everything is frequency. You cannot have an experience on this planet without attracting it through frequency. Every emotion, including love and hate tunes into a specific frequency. Health has a frequency. Disease has frequency. 

Your organs are each tuned to a specific frequency as is your entire body which resonates at its own frequency. You are a symphony of frequencies while you project yourself through this universe and create your physical reality. 

You are a master of your energy, and thus you are able to control everything you are, everything you do, everything you experience. From the day you are born until the day you die, nothing will ever change the fact that you are both a frequency emitter and receiver in flux with your internal and external environment."


GMO victory: European states free to 'opt out' of biotechnology

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‘A regulatory scheme that would have barred individual European nations from deciding for themselves whether or not to allow the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has been rejected after the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to scrap it.

The European Commission had passed a law prohibiting individual EU member nations from banning any GMOs that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) had already declared to be safe. This was quickly met with resistance by European nations such as France, which lean more toward opposing biotechnology.’


Six Examples That Show Doctors are Puppets for Vaccine Manufacturers

‘Manufacturers hide information from doctors about ingredients and conceal their sinister plans for vaccine production so that doctors will continue to feel comfortable recommending vaccines. Doctors have no possibility whatsoever of knowing the complete composition of vaccines, nor do health authorities – or, in fact, anyone else.

Here are some of the methods manufacturers use to conceal the presence of ingredients in vaccines:'


The Sun Doesn't Cause Skin Cancer, But Sunscreen Does!

“Shooting at Sandy Hook School Report” Proposes Nationwide Psychiatric Surveillance in America’s Public Schools


‘On November 21, 2014 the State of Connecticut’s Office of the Child Advocate issued a 114-page report, Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School: Report of the Office of the Child Advocate (PDF), focusing on the ambiguous profile of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza that may become the basis for mental health practices throughout the United States.

With contributors including psychiatrists and academicians from education and social work departments, the publication comes just two months after the US Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education announced over $160 million in funding for widescale research and deployment of mental health initiatives in the nation’s public schools.’


A Medicine Cabinet in a Bowl. Could This Simple Vegetable Be the Key to Beating Winter Illness?


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'Garlic (Allium sativum), is a bold member of the lily family and a kissing cousin to onions, leeks and chives. It’s been historically used by many cultures since ancient times as a flavoring agent in cooking and as a potent medicine to prevent and treat a wide range of serious health conditions and diseases. 

Although garlic is considered by most to be a spice or an herb; it’s actually a small vegetable. Nevertheless, it’s primarily used as a spice, by skilled cooks around the globe.  Garlic is a spice that can always be counted on to turn a blah meal into a pungent, tasty and healthy culinary experience.'

(Healing garlic soup recipe included at the end of this article)


CDC Reports Flu Outbreak Among Vaccinated Navy Crew; Admits Flu Shots Don’t Work


"The CDC issued a report on October 24, 2014 entitled “Influenza Outbreak in a Vaccinated Population – USS Ardent, February 2014″. The USS Ardent is a small mine sweeper type ship with a crew of 102. They were virtually all vaccinated with the seasonal flu shot because it’s a DOD (Department of Defense)  military mandate that at least 90 percent of personal in any military installation be vaccinated. From the above mentioned CDC report’s last paragraph:"


CPS kidnaps sick infant after doctors injected her with dangerous vaccine against parents' wishes

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'The time may be now to hold an official funeral for the death of freedom in the U.S., as "Child Protective Services" has reportedly kidnapped yet another young child from her parents. 

Four-month-old Kathryn Blalock of Lubbock, Texas, is currently being held at UMC Children's Hospital in Lubbock by CPS workers who plucked her from her mother's arms just days after hospital workers injected the young girl with a hepatitis B vaccine against her family's wishes.'


Top 10 Reasons to Add Probiotic Foods to Your Diet

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'Every culture in the world has it’s own variety of fermented food. Our ancestors ate fermented foods regularly. The fermentation of foods was necessary since they didn’t have the luxury of refrigeration. Ancient physicians used fermented foods as a prescription for many diseases. Fortunately, this wonder food is making its comeback into our culture. Fermented foods are an easy and cheap way to include probiotics into your diet.

Did you know that 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract. Your body is a home for over 500 different species of bacteria. You should have a ratio of beneficial to other bacteria of 85% to 15%. This is why it’s important to add probiotic foods to your diet.' 


The Top 5 Beyond the Mainstream Science Documentaries

Mind Stream

1. Man’s Right To Know – Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy

Man’s Right to Know is a 30 minute documentary telling the story of Wilhelm Reich’s life and his discoveries. Reich (24 March 1897 – 3 November 1957) was an Austrian psychoanalyst who is probably most known for his “discovery” of orgone energy, a life force permeating everything which has electromagnetic properties. Although mainstream science has not fully approved this concept, we know that this idea exists in many cultures. 

In Japan it is called Ki, in China it is known as Chi and in India it was named Prana. Reich was also known for his orgone accumulator, a device which can supposedly heal various afflictions; he also experimented with weather manipulation.

Reich’s life ended quite dramatically, he was thrown into jail as the American Food and Drug Administration obtained an injunction purporting that his work was a fraud. Over six tons of his publications were burned and Reich died of a heart attack in jail.


1300+ Lawsuits Against Lipitor Yet Statins Most Prescribed Drug in New Jersey

 1300+ Lawsuits Against Lipitor Yet Statins Most Prescribed Drug in New Jersey
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'Bernstein Liebhard LLP is reporting that there are more than 1,300 product liability lawsuits involving Lipitor and diabetes now pending in U.S. District Court. They are also reporting that despite all the alleged injuries due to statin cholesterol-lowering drugs,  statin medication now ranks as the most prescribed medication in the state of New Jersey.'


Probiotics and Prebiotics for the Microbiome

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'In recent years we’ve seen probiotics become the new buzz word in health related media. This word, like many of its predecessors, has become so widely used and abused that it has come to mean very little. We’ve seen it grace cereal boxes, overly sweetened yogurts, and even children’s artificially colored vitamins.

While mainstream media and commercial labeling have diluted its significance, they have not taken away the cold hard facts: probiotics mean “for life” and are generally considered beneficial microorganisms.

This is significant because whether we want to think about it or not, our bodies are actually largely made of up bacteria. One study found that we are comprised of ten times more bacteria than human cells. So it may even be an understatement to say that paying attention to our microbial makeup is critical. 

In fact there are studies now being done in which fecal transplants are performed on those with serious health issues. Hopefully we are waking up to the importance of the microbial aspect of our health and the term probiotic is just a part of it.'