Five seniors die in Georgia care center after receiving flu shot – report

Photo Credit:Health Impact News

'Health Impact News has just received urgent information from health care workers at Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care in Dacula, Georgia. According to our informants, on Friday November 7, 2014, all the residents received flu vaccinations. They all reportedly developed a fever immediately, and within one week, five of the residents died.

According to its website, Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care specializes in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. Our sources indicate that 5 fatalities in one week is extremely unusual, as the center “maybe loses a couple of people every 6 months or longer to Alzheimers.” 

One source stated to Health Impact News:

The facility is not saying they are related to the flu shot but we all know they are, and they know they are.

Healthcare workers across the U.S. fear to speak out against injuries due to vaccines, as it usually costs them their job. If you know anyone with family members at this facility near Atlanta Georgia, please demand an investigation immediately.'


“Cancer is Curable NOW” – The Must Watch Documentary

12 Ways To Appreciate Life And Connect With What You Love

'We all have this amazing ability to connect to everyone and everything around us. We are capable of doing it so intimately and innately, that it's a wonder how disconnected we have become from each other and our world. Learn how to tap into what you've always had...the power of bonding, connecting, celebrating, appreciating and loving all that you are and can be.'


The medical shadow government

'Over the last 50 years, tireless researchers have uncovered and revealed the existence of various elites that control governments and populations:

Banks, super-banks, the military-industrial complex, intelligence agencies, psyop propagandists, Wall Street, and so forth and so on.

For some reason, these researchers, many of them, have a blind spot when it comes to the ongoing operations of a shadow medical government.

Blind spot. And also fear. Fear of criticism and ridicule for exposing sacred sacraments of society—like vaccination.' 


Healing Cancer with The Earth Diet

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15 Of The Best Quotes and Statements On Why Chemotherapy and Conventional Cancer Treatment Kills People

'The cancer industry tells us some of the most magnificent lies about the safety of toxic chemotherapy treatments and long-term survival rates related to the poisonous practice. Few doctors and scientists will put their reputations on the line to expose this fraudulent source of disease called a treatment. 

We will one day look back on the practice of "cut, burn or poisoning" cancer as perhaps the most barbaric and one of the largest failures of mainstream medicine. We've been warned, but the message is still not getting through.'


Origins Film Shares How Humanity Has “Evolved” To Become Sick – Worldwide Premier Viewing -

‘A few nights ago I stumbled on a documentary film called Origins, produced by, A friend shared it with me and as soon as I looked into it I had to watch it! Love films like these that create awareness and share a message of positive hope and wellbeing.

This film shared an awesome angle, sharing our origins and how we evolved as a species and helps to share what’s important in our health, wellbeing and overall evolution as a species. It’s a great film and i’ll be having the director of the film as a guest on the Healthy Wild And Free podcast very soon!’

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Forbidden History: Did You Know that Raggedy Ann is an Iconic symbol for Vaccine Induced Injury and Death?

'Not long after the creation of the much beloved Raggedy Ann, Gruelle’s only child and 13 year old daughter Marcella died a painful death after receiving a routine small pox vaccination at school, which was given without parental consent.

Reports indicate that after the initial inoculation Marcella had, “… lost her appetite, and became feverish and fatigued.” Amazingly, more inoculations were given despite her negative reaction from the first jab.  

Predictably Marcella’s health continued to decline to the point where she lost all muscle control, “becoming listless and lifeless like a rag doll.”

While all this was going on at school, her parents knew nothing about it and had never ever given their consent for any vaccinations.'


Vaccine Fraud: The Polio Elimination by Vaccine Hoax

'A common argument vaccine shills use to throw people off is that polio was eradicated by vaccinating entire populations with polio vaccines. You may think for a moment that it’s a valid argument, one which you cannot counter. But that’s simply not true.

Medical doctors and “alternative” health practitioners who shed light on vaccine ineffectiveness and dangers are marginalized and sometimes slandered viciously, even forced out of practice. But if you search, you’ll find them. A couple of them are featured in this article.'


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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Health Minded Folks 

'Are you going to give the same old boring gifts again for Christmas? Here’s a list of 10 ideas that will make perfect gifts for health minded folks (and those you hope to convert to your ways!).

I included different price points.'


One man's lung cancer death sentence permanently removed by honey and herbs

'Thirteen years ago, Croatian doctors told Ante Kresich that his lung cancer was beyond treatment and to get things in order and prepare to die. It's unclear how he came upon using local raw honey with herbs, but he did, and he fully recovered.

Kresich's exact formula remains a mystery, but a woman from nearby Bosnia shared her cancer-curing honey ginger recipe. Maybe she was his first source. It seems the Eastern Europeans are open to curing disease naturally without medical authorities threatening them.'


Jerry (Ben and Jerry’s) lives in a fake world

“Just label it” and “the right to know what’s in your food” are diversions from an uncomfortable truth. Monsanto and other biotech giants are affecting everybody with their crazy technology and their poison.

If these facts had been the springboard, ten years ago, for money, time, and effort—triggering an all-out no-holds-barred attack against Monsanto, instead of soft ballot initiatives—we’d be in a much better place now.

Consider the November 6th Democracy Now! interview with Jerry Greenfield (of Ben and Jerry’s). When asked, “And, Jerry Greenfield, is Ben & Jerry’s opposed to GMOs, per se?,” Jerry answered:"


Pasteurized Milk Speeds Death, Heart Disease, Cancer, Bone Fractures; Yogurt and Cheese Have Opposite Effects

'A large study by researchers from the City University of New York has found that pasteurized milk increases the risk of death and the risk of bone fractures, while the yogurt and cheese has the opposite effects.

The research, published in the British Medical Journal, followed 61,433 women between 39 and 74 years old at the beginning of the study and 45,339 men aged between 45 and 79 years old at the beginning of the study.'


What Food Cravings Tell You About Your Health

'Cravings can inspire you or consume you. They can lead you down the path of ill health or encourage change in what and how you eat. Once we are tuned into all the the foods that jive with our intestinal, hormonal and physiological health, we can learn to and tweak our diet to satisfy something larger that our body requirements. Defeating recurring cravings is all a matter of matching a nutrient deficiency with a healthy bioavailable source.

I know many people who self-medicate with cookies, chocolate or cupcakes. But there is always a close link between feeling down and craving carbs. It’s not always clear if a dip in your mood is the excuse for your recent junk food binge, or if it’s the other way around, but specific nutrientsa are behind many cravings.'


Ten Mind Blowing Reasons to Ditch Big Pharma’s Antibiotics


 Photo Credit: Real Pharmacy

'The CDC has hailed antibiotics and vaccines as the premier medical innovations of the Twentieth Century. Most of us know better about vaccinations, but antibiotics remain a sacred cow that few dare challenge. Fortunately, some doctors and medical researchers know better. This article shares what they have to say about the dark side of antibiotics. And it’s not only overuse that’s the issue.

As a matter of fact, Since the 1940′s, antibiotics have become the standard treatment for bacterial infections. Most believe that pharmaceutical antibiotics are a miracle, a ‘silver bullet’ for infectious diseases and that antibiotics and vaccines were responsible for curtailing the major, life threatening, infectious diseases plaguing humanity.'


Could The Entire Basis For Linking Microbes To Disease Be Flawed?

'We know that scientists for years had neglected the teeming ecosystem of microbes in the gut when it comes to disease -- bacteria that may determine whether the immune system treats gluten as food or as a deadly invader. Now one study is warning that researchers may be incorrectly linking certain microbes to the microbiota and disease states because of something entirely different -- contamination.


The Drug Delusion

'Because the drug delusion is so easily demonstrated and proven to be poor and flimsy fiction, the practice of drug medication would seem an easy target to destroy.  It would seem to be an easy delusion to unmask.  It would seem to be a simple matter to make evident its multitude of evils and its utter lack of a SINGLE redeeming feature.  

Drug Delusion Sustained By Those Looking For the Magic of “Cure” – Because humans insist in indulging perverted practices and refuse to recog-zize to be the results of their flaunting the laws of life – because they believe that the human body, like mechanical contrivances can be “repaired,” because they believe that they have been invaded by devils of some sort, germs, viruses, or evil spirits, they believe in the voodoo of exorcism through drugs.  They believe that drugs have some magic qualities to seek out trouble spots, rout invaders, and make things right again.'


Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Neurological Diseases; Also Raises Risk of Asthma Attacks, and More...

'If there ever was a Top Nutrient competition, vitamin D just might nab the title. It affects your DNA through vitamin D receptors (VDRs) that bind to specific locations on the human genome.

So far, scientists have identified nearly 3,000 genes that are influenced by vitamin D status, and a robust and growing body of research clearly shows that vitamin D is critical for optimal health and disease prevention.

This includes some of the more difficult-to-treat conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease,1 Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis2 (MS).'


Vaccines and “herd immunity” nonsense

'Hail to the group! The group is all!

The concept of herd immunity (protection for the population) is often used by vaccine addicts as a way to push guilt at people who don’t line up, with their children, like robots for their shots.
From the point of view of protecting people who are already vaccinated, herd immunity is flat-out absurd.

Little Jimmy, whose parents have decided not to vaccinate him, will pass diseases on to kids who are already vaccinated? Oh, you mean those immunized kids aren’t really safe? Then why did you vaccinate them in the first place?'


5 Healing Honeys Known for Their Medicinal Power

'One of the most natural foods in the world, honey, has many uses and benefits the body in many different ways. Many of us think of honey as a nutritional natural sweeter – a great replacement to processed white sugar – and as a flavor enhancer in dressings and sauces, but in addition honey has been used worldwide since ancient times for its medicinal properties.'


7 Herbs That Belong in Every Kitchen

'The best way to make the most out of herbs is to try growing them yourself. Regardless of the size of your home, there’s always room for a pot on the windowsill or a small container. These herbs provide what can only be considered as that special X factor missing in many meals. Even small quantities of these herbs stimulate the taste buds while providing potent antioxidant value.'


What's New and Beneficial About Brussels Sprouts?
 Photo Credit:

'Brussels sprouts have been voted as the most-hated vegetable in both the US and Britain,1 perhaps because they can be notoriously smelly. But the offensive odor only occurs when these nutritional powerhouses are overcooked – something you definitely want to avoid to preserve both their flavor and nutrients.

Further, that odor comes from a type of glucosinolate, a sulfur-containing compound that is responsible for some pretty impressive health benefits, including fighting cancer. So the next time you’re thinking of turning your nose up at these much-maligned veggies, you might want to give them a chance instead.'


Two Miraculous Recoveries Without Pharmaceuticals from an Incurable Disease


'A 35 year old mother of four children, Aurora Colello, suddenly went blind in her right eye after experiencing some pain in the area for days. A doctor told her she had optic neuritis, and inflammation of the optic nerve. He ordered an MRI, which showed she had 10 lesions in her brain, the largest affecting her optic nerve. That meant she had multiple sclerosis (MS).

She was told she’d never recover her sight in that eye and would wind up in a wheelchair within five years. Aurora panicked and went into deep despair thinking her ability to raise her kids and her personal life were over. But her husband managed to encourage her to fight the disease and pray to God for a solution.'


How to Naturally Fight and Prevent Multiple Sclerosis

'If multiple sclerosis (MS) is affecting you or a loved one, you may want to learn about fighting the disease naturally. Positive and affirmative thinking are powerful tools to living a healthy and disease-free life. But beyond the power of positive thinking, there are a few natural ways to help ward off the effects of the debilitating disease. Consider the following 5 ways to prevent and fight multiple sclerosis.'