10 Food-Medicines That Could Save Your Life

10 Food-Medicines That Could Save Your Life
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Amino Acid Arginine Found As Effective As Drugs For Glucose Metabolism And Diabetes

'If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, you may want to consider snacking on nuts to treat the condition. Supplementation with the amino acid arginine, commonly found in almonds and hazelnuts, could help to improve glucose metabolism by as much as 40%, according to new research in mice. The study shows that supplementation with the amino acid significantly improves glucose metabolism in both insulin-sensitive and insulin-resistant metabolisms.' 


Mammograms: Four decades of violence against women


'Almost any woman who has undergone the torturous compression and radiation of her breasts wonders instinctively about the damage mammograms really do. But the instincts of women have long been devalued, and most just assume they are being silly. 

After all, the medical establishment would never do anything to harm, right? All the propaganda about mammograms reducing the risk of death from breast cancer makes us continue to doubt what our common sense is telling us, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that radiation causes all types of cancer including that of the breast.'


2 Ancient Root Herbs Boost White Blood Cell Count, Total Immunity

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'White blood cells (WBCs), or leukocytes, are the defensive frontline of the immune system. They are like valiant foot soldiers who selflessly protect their territory against all ‘invaders’ or foreign bodies, real or imagined. Knowing this information, you can imagine how important it is to keep your white blood cell count in normal range, and always replenished. Below you will learn of 2 foods that are great at making this happen, thereby boosting overall immunity.

WBCs are created in bone marrow, the spongy tissue at the center of large bones. Although five distinct types of WBC’s have been identified, the “first responders,” called the neutrophils, are the most abundant. In fact, “the lower the neutrophil count, the greater the risk of (and severity of) infection.”'


Healing Cavities (A True “We’ve-Done-It!” Story!)

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'We love sharing case studies of how people have boosted their health. It’s all well and good seeing the science as to why something will work, but it’s much more motivating to see how it has worked for someone else!

This is a great case study from Trina Holden revealing how her husband healed his cavity with the simple process of oil pulling!

To find out what oil pulling is, how it worked for Trina’s husband and how you can make it work for you, see the case study below…'


10 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

10 Ways Out of a Funk
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'We all have our rough times, when we feel stuck, depressed or just discouraged.  I am prone to this, particularly towards the end of winter, or when I have overextended myself socially.  Sometimes, it’s a creative paralysis– I don’t feel like I can produce anything, and it’s frustrating.  We all get in a funk sometimes. Here are some ways that I have learned to get out of a funk.'


Doctors Shocked: Man Completely Cures His Terminal Lung Cancer with Honey and Herbs

  honey cancer
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'Ante Kresich was diagnosed with lung cancer thirteen years ago. Croatian doctors advised him to get his affairs in order as time was short and the clock was ticking down. However, Kresich had other plans. In fact, he cured himself against all odds with his homemade medicine consisting of honey and herbs.

He claims to have reams of documentation, a bevy of evidence, enough perhaps to quell skeptics, dazzle curiosity seekers, and provide solid hope to struggling cancer patients who are seeking a holistic, inexpensive unconventional cancer cure that works.
His doctors were as amazed by his progress as anyone. Uncharacteristically, they actively encouraged him to continue doing whatever he had been doing to successfully treat his cancer. Of course, they were dumbfounded by his success.'


Citrus Pectin—the New Therapy for Cancer & Heart Disease?

Citrus Pectin
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'Pectins (derived from the white part under all types of citrus fruit peels) have traditionally been used as thickening and stabilizing agents for stored foods like fruit and berry jams. Scientists now know they’re much more than thickening agents.

A family of rogue proteins travels unchecked in your bloodstream wrecking havoc on your cells. The science sounds like an anarchist’s playbook, but our modern stressful lifestyle and a diet of refined foods unleashes the bad actors of our immune system, including proteins that trigger an inflammatory response.

Rogue proteins target healthy cells and set the stage for disease. These bad actors include amyloids that are associated with Alzheimer’s and diabetes, prions associated with mad cow disease, and galectins associated with chronic inflammation that causes heart disease and accelerates aging.

Today we’ll talk about galectins, and what you do to tame them before they cause problems.'


Promising Results: Doctors Treat Depression & Anorexia With New Therapy – Holding A Magnet To The Head


'A new treatment for depression has been showing some promising results for patients experiencing chronic depression.

The treatment is called transcranial magnetic stimulation, or rTMS, and like the title suggests the treatment involves having an electromagnetic field applied to the head to stimulate specific areas. Brain scans suggest transcranial magnetic stimulation can cause changes in the circuitry of the brain, hence why the treatment is being targeted to people with severe depression and other psychological conditions.'


What If Your Antibiotic Was Really a Failed Chemo Drug

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'Cipro, the ‘stellar’ fluoroquinolone burst into the media spotlight during the so-called anthrax scare on the heels of 9/11. Other popular fluoroquinolones are Levaquin, Avelox, and Floxin. Fluoroquinolones are actually deadly indiscriminate chemotherapy drugs, which Big Pharma reinvented as antibiotics and aggressively marketed.

Although all Big Pharma antibiotics are problematic and dangerous, fluoroquinolones are in a class all their own. Their potential for serious, often permanent harm and even death are becoming legendary - not because of FDA, or Big Pharma oversight, but because those who have been severely injured and disabled by fluoroquinolones are speaking out in droves on numerous internet forums, communities and facebook groups.'


What if I told you carrots cure cancer?

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'Sadly, Ann's husband died of lung cancer in 2005, but not until they had tried about twenty recommended "substances" over a six month period. Ann embarked on an intensive research campaign to find an alternative protocol that would heal her.

In her search, she came across a man who had cured his cancer with nothing but carrots. His name was Ralph Cole, and he had cured his small squamous cell cancer (on his neck) by drinking 5 pounds of carrots juiced daily. Ralph shared his carrot curing protocol freely with anyone who would listen.

On November 17, Ann began a daily regimen of 5 pounds of juiced carrots (one quart to a quart and one-third daily). Ann juiced in the morning, drank a glass and then refrigerated the rest, which she finished off throughout the day. Ann faithfully continued juicing five pounds of carrots daily.'


Mediterranean Diet Cuts Risk of Atrial Fibrillation and Other Heart Conditions

Mediterranean Diet Cuts Risk of Atrial Fibrillation and Other Heart Conditions

'An accumulation of research data is continuing to conclude that the Mediterranean diet is a significantly heart-healthy diet, and can not only reduce the risk of heart disease, but those factors that contribute to heart disease and metabolic syndrome.
Mediterranean Diet and Atrial Fibrillation

Researchers from Spain's University of Navarra and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – along with others - have determined that a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil significantly decreases the risk of atrial fibrillation.

The researchers followed 6,704 people for nearly five years. A third of them ate a Mediterranean diet supplemented with mixed nuts, a third ate a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil, and a third ate a low-fat diet.

The researchers found that the Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil reduced the risk of atrial fibrillation by 38% over the low-fat diet group.'


The Cannabis Cure For Cancer

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'This quick overview of the science backs up the assertion that every cancer patient and every oncologist should put medical marijuana on their treatment maps.

There should be no more confusion about whether or not marijuana is effective for cancer patients. Medical marijuana is chemotherapy, natural style, for cancer patients. The two forms of hemp oil, one with THC and CBD and the other CBD alone (which is pretty much legal everywhere) provide the body with chemo-therapeutics without the danger and staggering side effects. 

There are many chapters in my book about cancer patients using marijuana, but in this one we present a quick overview of the science that backs up the assertion that every cancer patient and every oncologist should put medical marijuana on their treatment maps.'


Doctors accuse parents of 'medical child abuse' for seeking second opinion

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'Parents all across the country are quickly learning that they have far fewer rights than previously believed, especially when it comes to making decisions about medical treatment for their children. A growing trend is for hospitals and doctors to falsely accuse parents of "medical child abuse" when they question a diagnosis or ask for a second opinion, in some cases using this accusation as an excuse to steal children away from their families and place them into state custody.'


The Dark Side of Pet Vaccination

Wake up PEOPLE!!! The ultra-dark side of pet vaccinations... There are NO safe vaccines. Vaccines are a deadly, Big Pharma profit bonanza hoax! There are no NECESSARY vaccines!! Your pets have an immune system; don't destroy it with toxic vaccines!
Big Pharma is the enemy of your pet!

'Allergies, skin problems, behavior changes, autoimmune disease, seizures, injection-site cancers — these are just a few of the well-documented adverse vaccine reactions in dogs and cats. Reactions aren’t rare; they are just unrecognized and unreported. Risks are only acceptable when they greatly outweigh benefits yet, sadly, many vaccines are unnecessary. 

We humans don’t get childhood shots throughout our lives — why do our pets? Please learn the true cost of pet vaccination — the heartbreak and the high cost of treating reactions — before vaccinating again. Be informed before you consent. Learn more about vaccine reactions, and preventing them, at http://www.truth4pets.org/.


For the past 34 years I have stressed the following issue about vaccinations. Is the theory of vaccination practical? When we know there are an infinite number of strains of virus and bacteria, does it make any sense to try to prevent disease by injecting an infinite number of viruses and bacteria into the blood stream’s of animals and people. My answer to this question is NO. I feel the answer to preventing disease, is a healthy immune system. You can read my page on how to stay healthy http://www.thepetwhisperer.com/about/healthy .and learn what you can do to help your animals and yourselves stay healthy.


 I would like to give you, the reader, the truth about the so called required vaccinations, particularly rabies. There are two basic forms of law. One is the legal Constitutional and Common law that this country was founded on, and the other is "colorable" law passed by Administrative agencies/bureaucrats who have been given so called authority to pass laws. Black's Law Dictionary 5th Edition defines colorable law as "That which is in appearance only, and not in reality, what purports to be, hence counterfeit, feigned, having the appearance of truth." Yes, I study the law, am a paralegal, and have an extensive law library.

So any and all mandatory rabies vaccination programs are colorable law, in that they have been passed and mandated upon the pet owning public by certain vested interest groups. Who are these groups? First and foremost are veterinarians, in general, and veterinarian medical organizations. Second are the local animal control personnel, bureaucrats and politicians. What are their reasons? GREED, POWER AND CONTROL. Both these large powerful interest groups stand to benefit greatly by having rabies mandated by colorable law.

Veterinarians receive a large percentage of both their gross income and profit from vaccines given in the office. On average vaccines cost 60 to 95 cents per dose and are charged to the client at $15 to $25 per injection and substantially more in the large cities. Therefore, if veterinarians lobby to have a colorable law passed to give rabies vaccine every year that enhances their financial picture.
Read more ...

9 Reasons to Avoid Starbucks’ Fake Pumpkin Latte

 starbucks pumpkin spice latte edit 263x146 9 Reasons to Avoid Starbucks Fake Pumpkin Latte
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'Starbucks Pumpkin lattes have been selling like hotcakes. In fact, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz recently said that pumpkin lattes ‘still rank as its most popular seasonal beverage." Starbucks’ Chief Financial Officer Troy Alstead confided,”We are continually, frankly, even amazed internally at its ability to keep driving its proposition, comping over itself every year.”

In fact, Starbucks has sold more than 200 million pumpkin lattes to date. But are the lattes made with high quality ingredients? Are they even remotely healthy? Unfortunately, you need to be a food detective to figure out the answer to those questions. The coffee kingpin refuses to post its drinks’ ingredients list online; they only post their food ingredients.

Let’s take a moment to look under the hood and examine the actual ingredients that go into Starbuck’s bestselling, cult favorite, Pumpkin Spice Latte.'


Improve Your Digestive, Brain And Heart Health With Cauliflower

Emotions in Chinese Medicine: by Dr Damiana Corca, DOM, AP, L.Ac.

“The sage is like a mirror: he neither sees things off, nor goes out to meet them. He responds to everything without storing anything up. Thus he is never injured through the myriad transformations he undergoes”

Confucian Huai Nan Zi

Emotions play an essential role in Chinese Medicine. They are of particular importance because the spirit and the body are strictly connected in diagnosis and treatment. We can go as far as saying that oftentimes the treatment of physical symptoms affects the spirit and the other way around.

In older Chinese texts, emotions were in general more emphasized when viewed as causes of disease. Rousseau (c.1700) implemented the notion of emotion, however many philosophers before Descartes used the term passions for emotions. 

The word “emotion” comes from the Latin “e-movere” which means to move out, while the word “passion” comes from the Latin verb “patire” which means to suffer. “Passion” mirrors better the Chinese word “qing”, in the light of the concept of emotions as cause of disease.


The Accepted Norms of Health and Wellness in Current Generations Are The Insanities of Tomorrow's

'We don't need to go very far back in time to see what was once acceptable in medicine is now frowned upon by even our mainstream society. In fact, many argue that many past tendencies were deranged insanities of that time. But do things really change through successive generations?

Take for example the 1949 TV commercial from Camel cigarettes.' 


Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient


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'A study recently published by the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) has revealed that increased intake of vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 35 percent. 

The authors point out that the benefits of K2 were most pronounced for advanced prostate cancer, and, importantly, that vitamin K1 did not offer any prostate benefits.

The findings were based on data from more than 11,000 men taking part in the EPIC Heidelberg cohort. It adds to a small but fast-growing body of science supporting the potential health benefits of vitamin K2 for bone, cardiovascular, skin, brain, and now prostate health.'


“Golden milk” for cold, flus, depression, and more (in a recipe that actually tastes good…)


'Turmeric is fast becoming a popular remedy for just about everything that ails you. I became an avid enthusiast on a trip to Kauai when I actually had access to the fresh root.
Traditionally, turmeric milk has been used for colds, congestion, headache, and sore throats. Turmeric is a depression-fighter as well.'