Intravenous Vitamin C - A Cancer Killer The FDA Wants Banned


'Vitamin C has a broad spectrum antioxidant function with the ability to protect cell structures and DNA from free radical damage. Vitamin C is remarkably safe even in enormously high doses. Compared to commonly used prescription drugs, side effects are virtually nonexistent. 

No matter how high the concentration, vitamin C does not harm healthy cells. Yet, through an array of enzymatic and metabolic reactions, vitamin C has an impressive ability to protect and treat and wide range of diseases, including cancer. When something is this effective at treating disease, the FDA will stop at nothing to prevent public access.'


Chocolate Can Boost Communication Between Brain Cells, Improves Memory


'A team of research scientists from the Harvard Medical School, publishing the results of a study in the journal, Neurology, have found that drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day may keep the brain healthy and prevent memory decline in older people by preserving blood flow in working areas of the brain. 

The researchers were working to analyze the effect of cocoa consumption on thinking and memory performance, as well as something called neurovascular coupling, where blood flow in the brain changes in response to local brain activity.'


Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule

‘Community Rights educator Paul Cienfuegos explains how “We The People” are exercising the authority to govern ourselves and dismantle corporate rule. When small farmers in rural Pennsylvania wanted to say “no” to a corporate factory farm coming into their community, they learned they couldn’t, because it would violate the corporation’s “rights” and state pre-emption laws. So they did something technically illegal – their town passed an innovative ordinance banning corporate factory farming. It worked! The corporation left town.' 


Peaceful Sleep: 22 Natural Ways to Wake Up Refreshed

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'If you’re having trouble sleeping—like at least 60 million Americans are—these tips may help.

One of the most important things you can do for your health is too get enough deep sleep. So it’s not surprising that one of the most common concerns that my patients have is trouble sleeping.

They’re not alone. At least 60 million Americans complain about insomnia and sleep disturbance. Insomnia is not being able to fall asleep. The more common problem is sleep disturbance—not sleeping soundly through the night.' 


Find Out Which Aloe Vera Plants Offer Miracle Cures for Serious Diseases

‘Almost “everyone knows” that Aloe vera soothes and heals minor burns and peptic ulcer attacks. But out of 240 species of Aloe, only three or four of them contain the powerful synergistic medicinal properties to handle AIDS and cancer. Others commercially available are useful for digestive and skin irritations, including burns, or as a general health and gastrointestinal (GI) tract tonic. This article introduces two of the more powerful healing types of Aloe vera with dramatic video testimonies.'


U.S.: Epilepsy Foundation Calls For Increased Medical Marijuana Access and Research

'In a groundbreaking statement on Thursday, the Epilepsy Foundation called for increased medical marijuana access and research to treat epilepsy.  "The Epilepsy Foundation supports the right of patients and families living with seizures and epilepsy to access physician directed care, including medical marijuana," reads the statement, from Philip M. Gattone, president and CEO of the Epilepsy Foundation, and Warren Lammert, chair of the Epilepsy Foundation Board of Directors.

"If a patient and their healthcare professionals feel that the potential benefits of medical marijuana for uncontrolled epilepsy outweigh the risks, then families need to have that legal option now -- not in five years or 10 years," the strongly worded statement reads. 

 "The Epilepsy Foundation calls for an end to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) restrictions that limit clinical trials and research into medical marijuana for epilepsy," the statement reads. "We applaud recent decisions that have allowed trials of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, to begin in several states.'


Flax Flash!

'LOOKING TO COOL DOWN those blistering hot flashes naturally? You may want to sprinkle some ground flaxseed on your cereal, toss some in your smoothie or grab a flaxseed muffin. Just a little over 1 ounce/day may tame those troubling transient temperature rises. The best news yet, Flaxseeds have a wonderful, nutty taste. In fact, Dr. Hyman has several delicious recipes in his book UltraMetabolism that includes them as a healthy, nutritious ingredient.

A hot flash is often described as a flush of intense warmth across much of the body that may be accompanied by sweating, reddening of the skin, or, occasionally, cold shivers. Hot flashes occur in varying frequency and duration, even during sleep, and often cause or accompany sleep deprivation, anxiety and irritability.'


Has the Gluten Health Mystery Been Solved?
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'McDowell is a slender, bespectacled, slightly flour-dusted young man in red trousers, black loafers, and V-necked white T-shirt, his face framed by a thick beard and mop of close-cropped dark hair. He looks like he'd fit in better onstage at an indie rock show than at an ag research center in a rural county. Yet he couldn't be more at home. 

McDowell is the staff baker here at the Bread Lab, the brainchild of Washington State wheat breeder Stephen Jones, who's also the director of the Mount Vernon research outpost. Jones believes fervently that grain breeding — the art and science of creating new varieties — has been hijacked by large seed, milling, and baking interests, giving rise to high-yielding but boring varieties geared to the mass production of crappy, and mostly white, bread.' 


Genetically Modified DNA Transfers From Food to Human Blood


'The inclusion of genetically modified (GM) plants in the human diet has raised concerns about the transfer of transgenes from GM plants to humans. Contrary to the claims by biotech giants such as Monsanto, a report in PLOS One shows that that meal-derived DNA fragments are large enough to carry complete genes as they enter the human circulatory system. In some of the human samples studied the relative concentration of plant DNA was higher than the human DNA.' 


High-dose vitamin C injections shown to annihilate cancer

'Groundbreaking new research on the cancer-fighting potential of vitamin C has made the pages of the peer-reviewed journal Science Translational Medicine. A team of researchers from the University of Kansas reportedly tested the effects of vitamin C given in high doses intravenously on a group of human subjects and found that it effectively eradicates cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.'


INTERVIEW: Martin Lee of Project CBD

INTERVIEW: Martin Lee of Project CBD

PHOTO: Sam Sabzehzar/Medical Marijuana 411:The Daily Dose

'I met author Martin Lee during the New Jersey stop on his book tour for Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational, and Scientific.

Lee, the co-founder and director of Project CBD, granted me a lively interview between a book signing event, an NPR interview, and a party in his honor – all within a 24-hour period during which Lee also fielded phone calls and emails from patients seeking high-CBD medical cannabis.'


Will Codex and the Drug Companies Raid the Spice Rack to Steal Your Eyesight?
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'Culinary Indian spices are rising superheroes of the nutritional World. When most of us were growing up, these spices were not a regular part of many of our diets.  Today, though, they are commonly available high-profile healers of the highest order. But if history repeats itself, we can anticipate a raid on powerful molecules found in your spice rack, turning them into drugs available only by prescription or subject to unnecessary regulation. 

This is one of the reasons the National Health Federation (NHF) opposes Senator Dick Durbin's Dietary Supplement Act – in this case, to protect manufacturers who encapsulate spices in therapeutic formulations designed to heal serious eye disease and more. As Codex Alimentarius has decided to add a new committee to its roster with the Codex Committee on Spices and Culinary Herbs (CCSCH) in February 2014, the potential for unnecessary regulatory control has NHF concerned.'


Change your Microbiome — Change Your Health!

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'We know that our gut bacteria are a fundamental component of our essence. We can no longer separate our gut bacteria from who we are. Out of the emerging research on the microbiota and the microbiome, one thing is perfectly clear — the bacteria in our body outnumber us and probably outperform us.

We house microbes in every part of our body — intestines, skin, mouth, to the tune of 100 trillion. That means that there are more bacterial cells in and on our bodies than there are cells that make up our body, tissues and organs.

Justin Sonnenburg, a microbiologist at Stanford, has said,

we would do well to begin regarding the human body as an elaborate vessel optimized for the growth and spread of our microbial inhabitants.'


Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells

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'Below is a video of Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, clearly explaining how THC (the main psychoactive constitute of the cannabis plant) completely kills cancer cells.

Not long ago, we published an article examining a case study recently published where doctors used cannabis to treat Leukemia, you can read more about that here. To read more articles and view studies about how cannabis is an effective treatment and cure for cancer, click here.

Cannabinoids refer to any of group of related compounds that include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis. They activate cannabinoid receptors in the body. The body itself produces  compounds called endocannabinoids and they play a role in many processes within the body that help to create a healthy environment. I think it’s also important to note that cannabis has been shown to treat cancer without any psychoactive effects.'


10 Reasons You Should Be Eating Olives Daily

'Even though more attention is usually given to their delicious oil than the whole food itself, olives are one of the world’s most widely enjoyed fruits. Yes, they are fruits even though most of us think of them as zesty vegetables. Here are 10 reasons why you should be eating these little delicacies every day.'


Soy Sauce: The Good, the Bad, and the Surprisingly Ugly

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'Soy sauce, also commonly known as shoyu, is the best known flavor enhancer in Asian cooking. Made the old-fashioned way — through a careful fermentation process that can take as long as 18 months — it’s a healthy and nourishing product.

The best quality soy sauce is not only fermented in a traditional manner but also unpasteurized to retain beneficial enzymes and nutritional cofactors.

Tamari is a variant that is made only with soybeans (without any wheat). As far as I know, all the brands of tamari and most brands of shoyu sold in health food stores have been pasteurized. Though not optimal, these are far superior to the commercial soy sauces sold in supermarkets and used by the restaurant industry.'


The Most Anti-Inflammatory Spices

8 top secrets to a Healthy Brain

8 top secrets to a Healthy Brain

'The ability to enjoy and perceive life is all related to brain Function.

Brain Fog, Memory Loss and Emotional Instability all have one thing in common –Neuro-degeneration. Neuro-degeneration occurs when the neurons, the brain cells that transmit information, die due to lack of activation, stimulation or proper nutrients.

The following are some simple steps you can take to provide your brain with its basic nutrients, while keeping it active, and stimulated:'


Natural Infectious Disease Declines vs. Vaccination Effectiveness and Dangers

'The main argument that most people unfamiliar with vaccine dangers proclaim is their historical effectiveness. The problem is that there has been so much misinformation throughout the decades that people have a hard time distinguishing facts from fiction. Only now are the facts coming forward on what really happened 50, 100 and even 200 years ago and why some diseases were controlled (none were eradicated).

The reason we no longer have the frequency of some of the terrible diseases that happened in the last several centuries is due to improved living conditions, sanitation and nutrition.'


Canola oil: The #1 hidden health 'danger' at the prepared food bar

'Step right up to your favorite food bar, whether at Whole Foods, Harris Teeter or Farm Fresh, and "get you some" potato salad, coleslaw, egg salad, pasta salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, baked goods, or just make your own salad with lots of salad "dressing" and you are most likely getting a few heaping tablespoons of rapeseed oil with each serving, better known these days as canola oil. 

Now, whether or not there really is any such thing as organic canola oil, well, the jury is still out on that one. Regardless, canola oil is not good for you, and it ALL goes through a "deodorizing" processing stage that removes the "stink" of rapeseed, in case you didn't know.'


Not Any Old Vitamin E Prevents, Reverses Lung Cancer
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By Dr. Mercola

'The media has given an astounding amount of attention to a recent study that found vitamin E may increase tumor progression, and accelerate lung cancer, in mice.1

Unfortunately, they are only adding to the major confusion surrounding vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant and immune-system booster provided it's consumed in the correct form.

Your body can easily distinguish between natural and synthetic vitamins, the latter of which may not only be less effective but may also have unintended negative consequences in your body. This is often the case with vitamin E, the synthetic form of which was used in the recent media-hyped lung cancer study.'


Why rebounding is so beneficial

 lymphatic system benefits from rebounding

'My favorite form of exercise is rebounding on the mini-trampoline. I can rebound several times a day while I'm listening to podcasts on my ipod or watching television. 

The typical rebound mini-trampoline is about 3' in diameter and 9" high. It is safe, easy to use, and effective. Research has led some scientists to conclude that jumping on a mini-trampoline is possibly the most effective exercise yet devised by man, especially because of the effect rebounding has on the lymph in the body.' 


Marijuana and Coffee are Good for the Brain

Study shows non-psychedelic cannabinoids in cannabis are effective anti-cancer drugs

'New research has shown that the non-psychedelic components of cannabis could act as effective anti-cancer agents.

The anti-cancer properties of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychedelic component of cannabis, has been recognised for many years, but research into similar cannabis-derived compounds, known as cannabinoids, has been limited.'


Magnesium: Meet the Most Powerful Relaxation Mineral Available


'A DEFICIENCY IN THIS CRITICAL nutrient makes you twice as likely to die as other people, according to a study published in The Journal of Intensive Care Medicine.(i) It also accounts for a long list of symptoms and diseases — which are easily helped and often cured by adding this nutrient. 

In fact, in my practice, this nutrient is one of my secret weapons against illness. Yet up to half of Americans are deficient in this nutrient and don’t know it. I’m talking about magnesium.

It is an antidote to stress, the most powerful relaxation mineral available, and it can help improve your sleep.'


10 Astonishing Effects Music Has On The Mind

 music and the brain

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'Every fan of music knows the tremendous power it can have over both thoughts and emotions. Great music can transform an ordinary day into something magical, even spiritual. It can provide solace, release, strong sensations and more. But music’s influence spreads further still: right up from our genetic code, through our thoughts and bodies and out into how we relate in groups. Here are 10 magical effects music can have on the mind:'


Dr. Kurt: Why I Will Never Choose to Vaccinate my Own Son and Any Future Kids my Wife and I Have

Vac1 Dr. Kurt: Why I Will Never Choose to Vaccinate my Own Son and Any Future Kids my Wife and I Have

'This will be lengthy, I don’t want to leave ANYTHING out, but these are the points as to why I will never choose to vaccinate my own son and any future kids my wife and I have. Just to be clear, I’ll go to jail before allowing someone to force a vaccine into my child’s arm.


Clarification needs to be created regarding VACCINATION vs. IMMUNIZATION. I’m all for immunization. The problem created by media and pharmaceutical influence is that people equate immunization with vaccination. Vaccination is simply injecting something into your body. This does not create immunity for your body. These are 2 totally separate entities.'


California legalized selling home-made food and created over 1,200 local businesses (food freedom)

 Mark Stambler
Mark Stambler (Photo by Dustin Hughes.)

'A government official appears at a man’s door.  The man has been breaking the law: He has sold bread baked at home.

This isn’t a page from Kafka—it happened to Mark Stambler in Los Angeles. For decades, Stambler has followed traditional methods to bake loaves of French bread.  The ingredients are simple: distilled water, sea salt, wild yeast and organic grains.  Stambler even mills the grain himself.  

To make it easier to steam loaves, he built a wood-fired oven in his own backyard.  Stambler’s loaves came in first place at the Los Angeles County Fair and the California State Fair.

Soon after that, Stambler got the idea to expand his hobby into a home business, which became Pagnol Boulanger.  Word of mouth spread.' 


Woman Rejects Chemo, Cures Lymphoma with Juicing

Yoga Healing Like You've Never Seen It

This Country Has America Beat When It Comes to Handling Raw Milk

 Illegal in Many State, Unpasteurized Dairy is Sold Out of Vending Machines in Slovenia

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'The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has made its serious stance on raw milk clear in recent years through a series of dramatic raids targeting and prosecuting small farms and businesses that bypass pasteurization. 

Of particular concern to the FDA is the sale of raw milk across state lines, which has been outlawed since 1987. But beyond the unilateral illegality of cross-state sales, the confusing patchwork of laws at the state level makes it clear that our country is far from having a unified stance on unpasteurized milk, leaving the door open for an underground community of raw milk enthusiasts to thrive.'


Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics

'This is the data the drug industry do not want you to see. Here 2 centuries of UK, USA and Australian official death statistics show conclusively and scientifically modern medicine is not responsible for and played little part in substantially improved life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies. 

The main advances in combating disease over 200 years have been better food and clean drinking water. Improved sanitation, less overcrowded and better living conditions also contribute. This is also borne out in published peer reviewed research:'