Five Tips to Help You Stay Healthy Through the Cold Season
Photo Credit:Renegade Health

'If you base your health on the seasons, spring is the time for cleansing and fall is the time for gathering.
In traditional societies, springtime is for renewal and planting. Summer is a lazy and playful time; watching plants grow, going on vacation. Fall is best to stock and store provisions to help you get through the cold months. Winter is introspective, the time of gestation, and getting ready for a new cycle of life in the spring. 

In the northern regions, humans and animals need to keep warm. Animals add more body fat, sleep more, and some hibernate. Their metabolism slows. Humans in their artificially lit and heated buildings remain active. 

But our bodies are biologically made for less activity during the winter. Pushing our limits tests our natural resilience, stresses our immune system (making us more vulnerable to seasonal infections like the flu), and disrupts our waking and sleep cycle. 

Here are five tips to help you stay healthy this winter.' 


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