Audrey Hepburn: Missing Key To Obesity Epidemic?

Photo Credit:Health Freedom Alliance

'Our admiration of the stunning Audrey Hepburn’s petite figure may have been a little misguided. Did you know she suffered a life of hunger and deprivation under the German regime during the 1940s?

Her malnourished lifestyle altered her genes affecting her health until the very end. We aren’t doomed to the genes of our ancestors – we have more control than we think.

A lot is unfolding in the new science of epigenetics; the study of the effects of outside forces (diet and environment) on the changing of our gene expressions

Genes altered by malnutrition can be passed to the unborn – a crucial consideration for our nation’s obesity and diabetes epidemic. This also offers hope that if genes can be altered for the worst, they can be bettered too.

Read on for more findings in this new field of study. Those who strive to fill up their body’s ‘nutrition bank’ are on the right track!'


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