A 65 Year Old Woman with Cancer Trips Out on Shrooms in a Lab –What Happens Next is Unbelievable

woman with cancer on shrooms

'Estalyn Walcoff experienced a traumatic, paradigm shift 5 years ago at the ripe age of 60. That’s when her life morphed into a scary, out of control roller coaster ride riddled with unpredictable emotional curves, turns and twists. It all began when she learned that she had a very aggressive type of lymphoma cancer that no one ever survives – 100% mortality!

The unexpected diagnosis coupled with the extremely negative prognosis triggered an avalanche of unbearable anxiety and classic existential angst. Walcoff was left hurting, afraid, and effectively paralyzed by her fears. Her attention was stuck in a groove similar to a needle stuck in the groove of an old phonograph record. Estalyn felt trapped in an emotional loop of unrelenting grief, worry and fear.'


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