The Drug Delusion

'Because the drug delusion is so easily demonstrated and proven to be poor and flimsy fiction, the practice of drug medication would seem an easy target to destroy.  It would seem to be an easy delusion to unmask.  It would seem to be a simple matter to make evident its multitude of evils and its utter lack of a SINGLE redeeming feature.  

Drug Delusion Sustained By Those Looking For the Magic of “Cure” – Because humans insist in indulging perverted practices and refuse to recog-zize to be the results of their flaunting the laws of life – because they believe that the human body, like mechanical contrivances can be “repaired,” because they believe that they have been invaded by devils of some sort, germs, viruses, or evil spirits, they believe in the voodoo of exorcism through drugs.  They believe that drugs have some magic qualities to seek out trouble spots, rout invaders, and make things right again.'


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