Teen Who Ran Away from Home 20 Years Ago to Avoid Chemo is Still Cancer Free


 'Lately there has been a rise of gunpoint medicine threatening parents of children when both child and parents want no part of vaccinations, chemotherapy, or radiation treatments for their kids. As long as they are minors, the state feels it has the authority to grab children from their homes, put them into foster care, and threaten the parents with prison.

In 1994, a Massachusetts 16-year-old who had endured five chemotherapy treatments for his cancer adamantly refused undergoing anymore chemo. His name was Billy Best, and he didn’t care what authorities or his parents, who were believing the doctors, thought. He wasn’t allowing chemo for his cancer anymore. So he thought it best to disappear by running away. He sold enough of his belongings to get the cash for a cross country bus ride.'


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