Probiotics and Prebiotics for the Microbiome
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'In recent years we’ve seen probiotics become the new buzz word in health related media. This word, like many of its predecessors, has become so widely used and abused that it has come to mean very little. We’ve seen it grace cereal boxes, overly sweetened yogurts, and even children’s artificially colored vitamins.

While mainstream media and commercial labeling have diluted its significance, they have not taken away the cold hard facts: probiotics mean “for life” and are generally considered beneficial microorganisms.

This is significant because whether we want to think about it or not, our bodies are actually largely made of up bacteria. One study found that we are comprised of ten times more bacteria than human cells. So it may even be an understatement to say that paying attention to our microbial makeup is critical. 

In fact there are studies now being done in which fecal transplants are performed on those with serious health issues. Hopefully we are waking up to the importance of the microbial aspect of our health and the term probiotic is just a part of it.'


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