Eat for Eight Bucks: Pumpkin Seed Pesto

 Eat for Eight Bucks: Pumpkin Seed Pesto
 Photo Credit: Serious Eats

Editors Note: Source organic ingredients and experiment with pastas beyond wheat. For example, Spelt pasta is nutritious and delicious, as is Kamut. Many sensitive to modern wheat enjoy kamut, an ancient variety that originated in Egypt.

'Because I fell for home cooking at about the same time I fell for a guy with a serious nut allergy, pesto has never been one of my summer staples. Sure, I heard you could leave out the pine nuts or swap in something else, but since I had never been wild for the green sauce anyway I put basil to work in salads and on pizzas instead. 

Last week I finally got around to whipping up some pesto with pumpkin seeds, playing the part of pine nuts, and now I am smitten. I've tossed it with cold whole wheat couscous, twice I've stirred it into pasta, and I've eaten it by the spoonful while the baby begged for her fair share.'


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