Big Pharma & Big Government. A Love Story About Flu, Fraud, and Corruption

“The chronic care management and disease business” of America is growing rapidly. Take a good look at all the pharmaceutical advertisements on television. These are synthetic, untested chemical drugs and aluminum-laden vaccines pushed on the American public like candy, with side effects much worse than the condition they are supposed to treat.’ [1]

Do you recall during the infamous 2006 “bird flu” and the soon to follow 2009 “swine flu” hoaxes the extent to which Big Pharma’s blockbuster antiviral drug, Tamiflu, was aggressively promoted or more accurately marketed by the government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its loyal partner in crime the mainstream media?

Big Pharma, the CDC and the media – are like perennial bedfellows engaging in one fraudulent, deceptive, money making Ménage à trois after another."


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