“A Gluten-Free Cake Is Still a Cake”: How Our Latest Nutritional Boogeyman Duped Us

Photo Credit:www.superkitchenmachine.com

'Ten years ago, most people would have needed a translation for the complaint “ I got glutened!” Today, it’s a rallying cry, not only for the 1 percent of the population diagnosed with Celiac disease, which makes the gut intolerant of the wheat protein gluten, but also for those suffering from what Michael Specter calls  gluten anxiety in his extensive gluten investigation in the New Yorker.

 “Should you go gluten-free?” asks Specter’s new article, titled “Against the Grain.” While the sensible answer is likely, “Well, if you suffer from a disease like irritable bowel syndrome, maybe ask your doctor if you should give it a try,” the idea of “gluten anxiety” raises a persistent question: Why are Americans so resistant to hearing the sensible answer when it comes to food?' 


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