The Evidence is Strong. Cancer Can be Cured With This One Simple Juice


 'You will be amazed to discover that some folks have healed advanced stage cancers with intense carrot juice consumption alone. This group of people is very underground, even as they reach out to others. Perhaps the most over-ground is Ann Cameron, a successful author of 15 children’s books.

Now she has passed on her success story with a book called Curing Cancer With Carrots. More about her story and her book a little later in this article.

The carrot juicing for cancer and other diseases started in the 1930s with Dr. Max Gerson, whose heavy juicing, mostly carrots and apples, and coffee enema protocol has had great success wherever it was clinically practiced: Germany, France, New York, San Diego, and Tijuana, Mexico. His daughter, Charlotte Gerson, now in her 90s, and her son Howard Straus currently run the clinic out of Tijuana.'


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