How to make your own effective flu remedy

Homemade Elderberry Cold & Flu Syrup -

'I am going crazy hearing about the epidemic that the flu virus has become here in the United States! Somehow, the Hippy Husband, Syfy, and I have managed to skip out on being sick, so far, this winter season. I would give a large amount of credit to the natural methods I have been employing around our house, to keep germs out. 

The most awesome naturopathic weapon that I have in my medical kit, is my bottle of Sambucus (an elderberry cold and flu syrup that you can get at the grocery store for around $5.00). This bottle is incredibly small for the price of $5.00. It tells you to take it 2-4 times a day, YIKES! For that much money, I just can’t afford to take it as often as it was suggesting, so I went searching around for my own recipe instead! After researching the ingredients I came up with my own recipe to share with you guys, and it most definitely saves you money too!'


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