Comprehensive List of Anti inflammatory foods


'Why is it important to eat anti inflammatory foods? Before we delve into the answer of this very important question (its important enough that it could save or extend your life), let’s first examine what we mean when we refer to our bodies showing inflammatory behavior. Some people may not understand what the inflammatory behavior means in its entirety.
What is inflammation?

We often talk about parts of our body becoming inflamed. This can happen when we sprain our wrists or ankles, or even when we cut ourselves and the wound becomes infected. Typically the inflamed area becomes hot, red, and angry looking, and often swells up too. 

This is caused by our bodies’ immune systems. It is part of an automatic natural defense mechanism designed to deal with pathogens or infections that have worked their way into our body systems and bloodstreams. It is our bodies’ natural way of trying to remove whatever the intruder is.'


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