What Every Woman Ought to Know About Mammography But Usually Doesn’t

Photo Credit:www.whale.to

'What is intelligence or sanity? When you follow the whims of the majority? What if the majority is wrong, are you still intelligent or sane?

The majority of women have been led to believe by the orthodox medical industry, in conjunction with the massive support of various “breast cancer awareness” organizations, that mammograms are indispensable, pretty harmless, and “save lives”. Consequently, a great number of women have made the choice to get this diagnostic screening test regularly, believing they’ve made an “informed” choice about it.

But how many of these women are aware their decision is not an informed choice, but rather a misinformed choice, because it is founded on only a very selective, one-sided set of data in favor of mammography presented to them by the mainstream medical profession, various “breast cancer awareness” organizations, and the popular media outlets?'



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