The Cover-Up Continues: New Study Claims Bra-Cancer Link a “Myth”

The Cover-Up Continues: New Study Claims Bra-Cancer Link a
Photo Credit: GreenMedInfo

'A new study was just announced in mainstream media declaring the bra-cancer link does not exist. The study looked into the bra wearing habits of women ages 55 and older who had all worn bras since puberty. They concluded that women should be "reassured" that bras are not causing breast cancer.

Actually, this study supports the bra-cancer link, since all the women in the cancer group were bra wearers.

In addition, the study is useless since none of the women in the study were bra-free, so it lacks a proper control for examining bra wearing impacts. No bra-free baseline.

They also did not look at bra tightness, which is a major factor in the bra-cancer link, which is about tight bras causing lymphatic constriction.

It is curious why the authors deliberately ignored the findings of a Harvard study (Eur J Cancer) which also found that PRE-menopausal women who were bra-wearers had over 100% increased incidence of breast cancer compared to bra free women.'


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