Debbie Wilson Regains Self Thru Use of Cannabis

'Before her accident, Debbie was a felony probation and parole officer in Florida, on her way to graduating law school. On July 2nd, 1989, Debbie was hit by a pick-up truck after going out for lunch. The injury she sustained began a heartbreaking journey that would last two decades.

From the moment Debbie left the hospital after the accident, symptoms of the traumatic brain injury were apparent, including a distorted sense of time. Migraines, forgetfulness, nightmares, paranoia, anxiety, and loss of balance were severe initial effects.

On December 15th, 1991, Debbie was diagnosed with epilepsy stemming from the trauma, which caused several types of seizures. In addition to several grand mal seizures a week, Debbie experienced daily partial cluster seizures. These seizures were resistant to all pharmaceuticals, and because of the nature of the epilepsy, surgery was not possible. In 1996, a fall stemming from loss of balance caused further brain damage and worsened the seizures.'


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