Sandalwood Essential Oil

‘Sandalwood essential oil is traditionally produced from the heartwood and roots of the trees by a multi-stage distillation process. [1] The wood is ground to powder and then steam distilled. In modern times however, supercritical Carbon Dioxide is sometimes used to extract the sandalwood oil without using heat. As the heat of steam distillation alters some of the molecules, CO2 extraction results in a sandalwood oil that has a different scent profile to that which was steam distilled - and this is closer to the smell of the original wood (although this does not necessarily mean it is preferred as a fragrance). [4] 

It is widely agreed that the older the sandalwood tree, the better the oil quality and the higher the oil content. [5] The trees take 60 to 80 years to reach full maturity [3] although they are often harvested much younger for quick profits.’


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