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Does Your Doctor Understand Inflammation?

'A Burning Question - Got the -itis?  Bronch-itis,  arthr-itis, gingiv-itis?  The -itis  signifies inflammation, as in flame and burning, but inflammation is also at the root of cancers, heart disease and the rest. Inflammation is an acute and usually obvious "get to the doctor" problem where the immune system has been activated by an insult which triggered a powerful response. 

The intense reaction is simply oxidation, the rapid removal of electrons from one (offending) molecule by another (immune oxidizer), like the flic of a Bic in a dry haystack. An inflammatory response also involves a series of reactions intended to support bursts of oxidation launched like napalm in protection of the organism. Fever, redness, pain and fibrin scarring accompany the incineration of invaders.'


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