Has Society Lost The Concept of True Immunity To Disease?


'Society is getting further and further away from the natural state of human immunity because it is getting further and further away from the truth. Yes people have died of disease since the beginning of man but only because man has never vested any interest in knowing about how the immune system works, man pursued medicine instead.

For those of you who never met an effective healer because you are too young or because you never really subscribed to natural healing, you missed out. Thirty years ago natural healers commonly cured diseases like allergies, asthma, migraine headaches and so many other diseases. About twenty years ago the industry of medicine and science took over the industry of natural healing and natural medicine and created today’s schools for training to be a natural practitioner and that was done to sabotage the human capacity to use the brain to create effective electrochemical signals that effectively engaged the immune system.'


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