Don’t Stress Over Stress: 17 Ways to Handle Stress


“One of the things I’ve observed in myself, as well as others, is we get stressed out when things don’t go as we planned and others don’t do what we like them to do.”

Even though we’re dedicated to leading a healthy and fit lifestyle, our lives are still stressful. You’d likely agree with me if I claimed that being healthy and fit can offset some of the stress, but surely not all of it.

And we all want a stress-free life, right? It would be fun to sit around a table with you all, sipping our beverages of choice while discussing whether obtaining a stress-free life is possible, or even good for us.

And while here at Renegade Health the benefits of many different diets are discussed, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone mention the LSD plan. That’s my acronym for the Low Stress Diet!

Since our diet discussion would be enhanced by taking a brief look at the science of stress, let’s do that first."


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