Ayahuasca – State of the Vine: 2014

Photo Credit: Waking Times

'These Western neo-shamans in large part follow the traditional route: initiation via sickness and recovery, or an innate calling to the medicine. Unlike native curanderos that are groomed from early childhood and work for many decades to perfect their plant and healing knowledge, these new-wave medicine people are just starting out, but they are driven by the need of all of us. 

The planet is rebalancing herself, tackling the “monkeys out of control” as my friend Dennis McKenna has called it, as the mother brings her errant children back into the fold, back to the garden, the Great Green Web of nature and the intelligence that fuels it.

Underneath the boom in ayahuasca tourism in the West I believe we are re-engaging with the vegetal intelligence in nature and being given a second chance to remember our right relationship with the matrix of life itself. These are still early days, and for all the teething issues that hit the headlines, a great archaic revival is underway, an understanding of the true nature of our reality and what we are embedded in.'


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