Arrive Healthy! Reduce Airplane Stress

'When I worked for the New Jersey Nets, I traveled 17 days out of each month for the 2000 NBA season. The job was great, but I felt the travel took years off my life.
I remember waking up in hotel rooms swollen. My eyes were puffy, the ring on my finger was tight, and my feet were still swollen from the plane ride.

I remember looking in the mirror and saying, I think I have aged 10 years in just a few months.
I was highly motivated to figure out why this was happening to me, and how to mitigate the insidious stress of air travel.

You may be surprised to learn the many health risks associated with air travel. For example, in a new study performed at Auburn University in conjunction with the FAA, bacteria can stay alive and continue to be infectious for more than a week on the arm rests, seat pockets, seats and bathroom doors of commercial aircrafts. The dry air is said to contribute to their extra-long life on airplanes.'


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